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DIBSDiabase (lithological term)
DIBSDansk Internet Betalings System (Danish: Danish Internet Payment System)
DIBSDual Ion Beam Sputtering
DIBSDECA Interim Business System
DIBSDigital Integrated Business System
DIBSDynamic Infrared Background System
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Near Asbestos, he recognized that the peridotite, chromite-beating dunite, pyroxenite, gabbro, diabase, porphyrite, hornblende granite, and aplite are all parts of a thick sill.
1998, Paleomagnetism and U-Pb geochronology of diabase dyke swarms of Minto block, Superior Province, Quebec, Canada: Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v.
Circuit design was based on diabase ore at a specific pinion-power of 6.
1986, A U-Pb age for mineralized Nipissing Diabase, Gowganda, Ontario; Canadian Journal of Earth, v.
209 to 203 Ma) were reported for the lamprophyre and alkaline olivine diabase dykes that occur in the area (Reynolds et al.
45 Ga Matachewan events [#1b] whose radiating diabase dyke swarms locate two plume centres about 800 km apart, and imply rifting of the southeast margin of Laurentia at this time.
1934) Die an Diabase gebundenen Nickelvorkommen in Nassau.
K-Ar isochron age and paleomagnetism of diabase along the trans-Avalon aeromagnetic lineament--evidence of Late Triassic rifting in Newfoundland.
Its tough diabase material in the smaller size fractions is particularly well received in the German market, which accounts for about 50% of annual sales.
Hole YD-07-40C, targeted to fill in the gap between the Upper and Lower Boundary zones, intersected a barren diabase dyke at the target interval.
The continental environment features the massive intrusions of the midcontinental rift system, such as the Duluth gabbroic complex and associated intrusions, the Nipissing diabase, the huge Muskox Coppermine Mackenzie intrusive event and the Franklin intrusives in the Arctic.