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DIGRMDeutsch-Irische Gesellschaft Rhein-Main eV (Rhine-Main German-Irish Association; Frankfurt)
DIGRMDigit/Record Mark
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The accompanying diagram will aid us in understanding this rather perplexing subject.
McGinty took his eternal half-chewed, half-smoked cigar from the corner of his mouth, and proceeded to draw a rough diagram on a page torn from his notebook.
It was further decorated with strange and seemingly cabalistic figures and diagrams, suitable to the quaint taste of the age which had been drawn in the stucco, when newly laid on, and had now grown hard and durable, for the admiration of after times.
How could a man lecture if his diagrams were going to behave like that
Miss Ward has gone for some astronomical diagrams in which we are interested," said Agatha, looking up gravely.
They will have charts and diagrams hung in the telephone booths, so that the person who is waiting for a call may learn a little and pass the time more pleasantly.
You will please deposit the boxes, fifty in number, which form the consignment, in the partially ruined building forming part of the house and marked `A' on rough diagrams enclosed.
Differences, however, were notoriously half the charm of travel, and perhaps even most when they couldn't be expressed in figures, numbers, diagrams or the other merely useful symbols.
He sat in a rotating chair behind a broad table, which was covered with books, maps, and diagrams.
The diagrams, the violin-case, and the pipe-rack-- even the Persian slipper which contained the tobacco--all met my eyes as I glanced round me.
If he had to blame any one, it was necessary for him to move all the papers within his reach, or describe various diagrams with his stick, or make calculations with the odd money in his pocket, before he could begin; and he would rather do other men's work than find fault with their doing.
I've been studying A-B-C-D diagrams of carving for the past month," said Gilbert.