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DHFDengue Hemorrhagic Fever
DHFDengue Haemorrhagic Fever
DHFDansk Håndbold Forbund
DHFDiastolic Heart Failure (cardiology)
DHFDisable High Pass Filter
DHFDomaine des Hautes Fagnes (Belgium hotel)
DHFDolores Huerta Foundation (Bakersfield, CA)
DHFDesign History File
DHFDescending Hypothalamic Fibers (neuroscience)
DHFDai-Ichi High Frequency Co., Ltd.
DHFDépannage Hydraulique Flexibles (French hydraulic hose repair company)
DHFDermatologie Hors Frontières (French: Dermatology outside Borders)
DHFDépannage Hôtellerie et Froid (French: French commercial refrigeration company)
DHFDiluted Hydrofluoric Acid
DHFDiabetes Hands Foundation (Palo Alto, CA)
DHFDemand History File
DHFDorena-Hickman Ferry (Hickman, Kentucky)
DHFData Handling Function
DHFDecoupled Hartree-Fock
DHFAbu Dhabi Al Dhafra Military Airport (airport code)
DHFDocument History File
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Additionally, it has been reported that half of these heart failure patients are afflicted with diastolic heart failure
There are, however, no reports of MLN in patients with diastolic heart failure.
These interventions can reduce oxidative stress, and thereby affect "aging" often cited as the "cause" of diastolic heart failure.
Formerly known as diastolic heart failure, the diagnosis now called heart failure with preserved ejection fraction is a condition in which the heart muscle becomes so stiff that its pumping chambers cannot properly fill with blood.
In diastolic heart failure, the heart's pumping strength is preserved and the ejection fraction is normal.
M2 PHARMA-June 22, 2015-DC Devices Completes Enrollment in Clinical Trial of Transcatheter Device for Diastolic Heart Failure Treatment
They cover the global burden of heart failure and challenges in diagnosis; systolic and diastolic heart failure and their pathophysiology, diagnosis, and therapeutic options; associated conditions, such as anemia, hyponatremia, cardiorenal syndromes, and acute heart failure syndromes; cardiopulmonary exercise testing and training; and challenges in treating patients with end-stage heart failure with advanced cardiac therapies, including cardiac transplantation and mechanical circulatory support, and palliative medicine and end-of-life care.
A case of malignant lymphoma with diastolic heart failure.
After 21 days on the DASH eating plan, patients who had diastolic heart failure (a type of heart failure common among older adults) saw drops in their blood pressure numbers similar to reductions seen with anti-hypertension medicine.
In diastolic heart failure, the heart contracts normally, but the ventricles do not relax enough to allow adequate blood to enter the heart during normal filling.
All HF patients had either a history of congestive heart failure or ischaemic heart disease, presented with LVEF <40%, and were treated with vasoactive/inotropic drugs or positive pressure ventilation for HE No patient had isolated right ventricular failure or diastolic heart failure with normal LVEE
The RELAX study is the first multicenter trial to look at the effect of therapy with sildenafil on this condition, also known as diastolic heart failure.