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DIBSDiabase (lithological term)
DIBSDansk Internet Betalings System (Danish: Danish Internet Payment System)
DIBSDual Ion Beam Sputtering
DIBSDynamic Infrared Background System
DIBSDECA Interim Business System
DIBSDigital Integrated Business System
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The xomplaint alleged that Cay, Riv, Esie and Baldy were owners of the properties in question by virtue of Contracts of Sale individually executed in their favor, and that the real estate mortgage between Dibs Realty and WBC did not include the houses, but merely referred to the lands themselves.
Cay and his group next challenge the validity of the foreclosure sale on the ground that the mortgage executed by the Dibs Realty and WBC was null and void.
The launch of Panin Dubai Syariah Bank in Indonesia early in 2017 marks DIBs first foray in the Far East, the bank owns a nearly 40% stake in the Indonesian bank.
DIB is a fully owned subsidiary of Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC (DIB PJSC) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
With the launch of DIB Kenya, the total number of banking institutions in the East African nation will go up to 43 according to CBK.
DIBS Payment Services, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is the leading independent online payment services provider in the Nordic region.
To test the DUT transmit paths in minimal time, the quadsite DIB must provide 28 paths from the four devices to the ATE measurement instrument, four in parallel simultaneously.
The convenience of being able to eat Dibs ice cream bites at any time, anywhere and any way, and being able to eat just a few at a time, were high on list of priorities for Dibs ice cream treat lovers.
Dibs snacks will change the way people eat ice cream," says Suzanne Ginestro, marketing manager for Dreyer's Dibs brand.
According to Salama, the results of the study are important in that for the first time, laboratory data do fit some of the DIBs.
The DIBS portable evidence recovery unit (PERU) allows for the copying of hard disks and floppy disks on-site in a manner that does not compromise the original system hardware or software and accomplishes the task in a way that will not alert a suspect.
The agreement enables DIBS Payment Services to offer its customers the German GiroPay payment method.