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DICASTDefense and Intelligence Community Accreditation Support Team
DiCASTDistributed Chemical Agent Sensing and Transmission (detection and warning of chemical attack)
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According to the option agreement, Vaccinogen will have exclusive rights to evaluate DiCAST for a two-year period.
The addition of DiCAST, which we believe is unrivaled in the speed and precision with which it is able to analyze biological samples in highly ordered subnanoliter microcapillary arrays, offers the potential to significantly enhance our HuMab program and our efforts to discover and develop cancer therapeutics and vaccines for a host of oncology indications.
The DiCAST platform includes three highly specialized components: a densely packed microcapillary array, real-time assay visualization with proprietary convergent computation software integrating multiple analytical datasets, and a novel custom-built high precision recovery system that allows for individual target acquisition while preserving biological material integrity.
Tussing added, "We are fortunate to have such a strong partner in DCU and look forward to benefiting from the team of renowned scientists now part of Vaccinogen, including the lead inventor of DiCAST, Dr.
Leonard is an entrepreneurial scientist, inventor, and the current recipient of the Irish laboratory awards "2014 Innovation of the Year" for his work on the DiCAST platform.
Leonard at Vaccinogen is the team of scientists from the Biomedical Diagnostics Institute at DCU who were instrumental in developing the DiCAST platform.
Speaking on behalf of my research colleagues, it is a tremendous opportunity to join Vaccinogen and continue playing a direct role in leveraging DiCAST to potentially transform the discovery and development of immunologic therapeutics, including cancer vaccines," remarked Dr.