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And, if the dictionary definition is to be believed, Rihanna was also a natural for the new campaign.
I DON'T particularly use it as a form of hate, I think more in terms of description of a type and attitude, which maybe does not meet a dictionary definition.
Whilst they are of course justified by dictionary definition to call us Nationalists, we are, by that same definition also Patriots (look it up if you don't believe me).
The dictionary definition of the word "blaspheme" is to "speak evil or profane things".
The dictionary definition of marriage: 'join as husband and wife'; wed 'take a husband or wife'.
Maybe he should have looked up the dictionary definition of "consent" which is to "give permission for something to happen".
Charlton Heston said he was "as close to being a unique performer in the dictionary definition of the word as anyone since Charlie Chaplin.
Penance is associated with "sackcloth and ashes"; with doing difficult or painful things -the dictionary definition is "self-punishment as reparation for guilt".
said in a text message to reporters that if it would be based on the dictionary definition of the word 'dictator,' Duterte could not be considered as one.
Dent revealed the dictionary definition to be "vulgar slang, a stupid, foolish or incompetent person".
But Labour last night blasted his comments as "disgraceful" and described the Old Etonian as "the dictionary definition of an out-of-touch Tory".