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In addition, the combination of didanosine with other antiretroviral agents, and hydroxyurea or ribavirin, has been associated with hepatotoxicity, according to the FDA.
The FDA approves a generic version of didanosine (ddI) delayed release capsules (200 mg, 250 mg, and 400 mg).
Stavudine-containing regimens and the association of stavudine and didanosine in a combination therapy were also identified as strong predictors of hyperlactatemia.
However, didanosine differs in the fact that it must be taken on an empty stomach, and it may be dosed once a day in an attempt to enhance compliance ("Drugs for HIV infection," 2000).
Coadministration of Viread with didanosine increases didanosine concentrations.
Tenders are invited for Kit Efavirenz 600 Mg Plus Lamivudine 300 Mg Plus Didanosine 400Mg
12) A large number of studies have since shown a causal link with nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor exposure, particularly didanosine, stavudine and zidovudine, of which stavudine shows the strongest link.
Pharmaceutical company Mylan Inc (Nasdaq:MYL) said on Tuesday that it has expanded its licensing agreement with Gilead Sciences Inc for access to generic Atazanavir Sulfate, Stavudine and Didanosine in sub-Saharan Africa and India.
The immunity-from-suit agreement signed with India-based Matrix Laboratories Limited enables the generic company to manufacture and sell atazanavir, as well as stavudine and didanosine, in sub-Saharan Africa and India.
Two drugs, however, may increase the risk of MI with short-term use--abacavir and didanosine.
Another unpublished analysis of DAD study data reported increased MI risk with the use of protease inhibitors, recent use of didanosine, and both recent and cumulative exposure to abacavir, but no increased MI risk with several other antiretrovirals.
Regimen 2' includes the combination of didanosine, zidovudine and lopinavir/ritonavir.