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DEGermany (Deutschland; Internet top level domain)
DEDelaware (US postal abbreviation)
DEDesktop Environment
DEDeutsch (German)
DEDeutschland (German: Germany)
DEDead End
DEData Engineering
DEDark Energy
DEDriver Education
DEDesert Eagle
DEData Entry
DEDiesel Engine
DEDirector of Education
DEDigital Electronics
DEDerby (postcode, UK)
DEDevelopment Engineer
DEDesign Engineer
DEData Element
DEDouble Ended (metal halide lamps)
DEDeus Ex (game)
DEDefensive End (football)
DEDestroyer Escort
DEDifferential Equation(s)
DEDepartment of Education (US)
DEDigital Environment
DEDiscrete Event (program specification)
DEDirected Energy
DEDale Earnhardt
DEDark Elf
DEDiesel Exhaust
DEThis is / From (Amateur Radio logging abbreviation)
DEDrive End
DEDetection Efficiency
DEDigital Engineering
DEDensity Evolution
DEDiplôme d'Etat (French: state diploma)
DEDail Eireann (Irish National Parliament)
DEDonor Egg (infertility; refers to IVF)
DEDiatomaceous Earth (filter)
DEDistrict Engineer
DEDose Equivalent
DEDonee (IRB)
DEDistrict Executive
DEDirected Evolution
DEDragon Empires (game)
DEDesign Estimate
DEDeath Eater (Harry Potter)
DEDisenchant (gaming, World of Warcraft)
DEDark Eldar
DEDeveloper Evangelist (Microsoft)
DEDomain Engineering
DEDisplay Element
DEData Exclusivity
DEDigital Empire
DEDigital Encoder
DEDoctor of Engineering
DEDistant End (satellite communications)
DEDedicated Equipment
DEDefense Emergency
DEDistribution Engineering
DEDry End
DEDebugging Extension (computing)
DEDestruction Efficiency
DEData Encoder
DEDictation Equipment
DEDevice End
DEDefense Enterprise (GIG)
DEDivisional Engineer
DEDeep Etch
DEDiscard Eligibility (ATM)
DEDarkness Eternal (website)
DEDiethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether
DEDynamics Explorer
DEdegree of esterification
DEDesignated Examiner
DEDevelopment Estimate
DEDiscipline Engineer
DEDigital Exploitation
DEDecision Element
DEDesignated Engineer
DEDigital Enclosure
DEdelay equalizer (US DoD)
DEDisplay Entity
DEDamage Expectancy
DEDraconian Empire (gaming)
DEDissemination Element
DECondor Flugdienst GmbH, Germany (IATA airline code)
DEDivisions Exercise
DEDivision/District Engineer (Army Corps of Engineers)
DEDisposable Excess
DEDrums Equivalent
DETotal Drift error
DEDeployment Echelon
deindividual drift error (US DoD)
DEAssault Personnel Destroyer
DEDCS/Engineering & Services
DEDistance Education (course; various schools)
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By selecting Wartsila 20 engines for the diesel-electric generating sets, the owner will benefit from their robustness and reliability, which has been proven by the fact that more than 4000 of the engines have been delivered since this model was introduced to the market in the early 1990s.
The report also stated that much like the CNG-electric hybrids, the diesel-electric hybrid Starbus will have a smaller diesel engine than conventional buses, resulting in both lower emissions and a drop in fuel consumption.
The company is the only diesel-electric locomotive manufacturer to have produced more than 70,000 engines and has the largest installed base of diesel-electric locomotives in both North America and internationally, he added .
The first truly mass-produced diesel-electric road freight locomotives were sold in 1939 by GM's Electro-Motive Division, which today is known as Electro-Motive Diesel.
There is modern technology available in the field of air-independent propulsion that would allow diesel-electric submarines a limited patrol range beneath the Arctic ice cap.
Diesel-electric submarines using air independent propulsion can remain submerged for extended periods of up to two or three weeks, and unlike nuclear submarines, diesel-electric submarines can "bottom out" or rest on the ocean floor.
Buoyed by the success of the prototypes, NYCT has ordered an additional 325 diesel-electric buses.
The hybrid prototype - the first diesel-electric hybrid - will be built in Britain and will be based on the cheap 'n cheerful Citroen Berlingo Multispace people carrier which currently sells from less than pounds 9,500 in the UK.
Indeed, this is one of the greatest threats now facing the US Navy: the ability to detect and sink modern diesel-electric subs that make essentially no detectable noise at low (attack) speeds.
With more than 40% of the European new car market-66% in Austria and France-buying diesel cars, luxury automakers offering high-performance V8 versions, and diesel-electric hybrids on the drawing boards for mass production, the market for this technology is secure.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is on a buying spree for buses powered by compressed natural gas, but some local leaders said Tuesday that the MTA could consider the feasibility of diesel-electric hybrid buses that may be more reliable and cheaper to operate.
Aerodynamic trucks, natural gas vehicles, diesel-electric hybrids and low emission diesel engines are powering Kenworth's industry leadership in providing environmentally friendly products with excellent performance that can help truck operators enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.