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DIGDiscussion Group(s)
DIGDigoxigenin (DNA marker)
DIGDeputy Inspector General
DIGDecentralized Information Group (various organizations)
DIGDirect Injection Gasoline (vehicles)
DIGDunedin Income Growth (UK)
DIGDipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale (Italian: Department of Industrial Engineering and Management)
DIGDeveloper'S Interest Group
DIGDomain Information Groper
DIGDigital Imaging Group
DIGDerivatives Implementation Group (FASB)
DIGDéclaré d'intérêt Général (French: Declaration of General Interest)
DIGDomain Internet Groper
DIGDevelopment Incentive Grant (various locations)
DIGDiffuse Ionised Gas
DIGDisney's Internet Guide
DIGDrop in Game (informal ice hockey)
DIGDigital Information Group
DIGDiscussion in Groups
DIGDoorman is God (gaming clan)
DIGDevelopment Insight Group
DIGDelta Informal Gardeners (California)
DIGDigiorgio Corporation (NYSE Symbol)
DIGDistributed Information Gathering
DIGDigital Image Generator
DIGDevelopers Interface Guide
DIGDOE Interaction Group
DIGDead in Ground
DIGDepartement Informatique de Gestion
DIGData Item Group (US DoD)
DIGDismissed as Improperly Granted (legal)
DIGDetergent-Insoluble Glycolipid-Enriched Domain (cell & molecular biology)
DIGDirect Inertial Guidance
DIGDisaster Information Gateway
DIGDetonator Inspection Gauge
DIGDepartment Inspection Group
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This scenario of larger and/or more nutritious plant foods might encourage grizzly bears to selectively dig in previously disturbed areas.
Sometimes loose soil caves in as fast as you can dig it out, leaving you with a crater, rather than a cylinder.
Dig This is currently ranked number 4 in Fun & Games Las Vegas on TripAdvisor.
No matter how many alternative behaviors one provides for a dog, some dogs will dig just because they love digging.
Among the mole rats, both male and female workers dig burrows and collect food.
We hoped to find specimens that would help us find out about the origin of birds," says Martin Norell, one of the paleontologists on the Gobi dig.
Exclusive to Dig This and Canyon Ranch SpaClub[R] at the Venetian[R] and the Palazzo[R], Excavate & Exfoliate combines a 90-minute Big Dig experience, a 50-minute spa service (conditioning Body Scrub or Canyon Ranch Massage), and all-day use of spa facilities for $372.
Digging without locates can cause property damage, interrupt services, cause personal injury and even death if someone accidentally digs into underground utility lines.
The main constraint on the prisoners' digging rate was how fast they could get rid of dirt removed from the tunnel without being discovered, not by how fast they could dig.
dig, the cleaning and preparation, and the exhibition in a