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digicamDigital Camera
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We're doing some models in Digicam handles that are selling extremely well," Laituri said.
Cool detective who can't stop pilfering other's possessions; Yun aces as the arrogant, high-tech hunter who's the polar opposite of vet stalker Cheon; and a deglammed Jeong likable as the geeky researcher who wants to record everything on her digicam.
Canon has mastered the art of the compact digicam, and the PowerShot SD790 is no exception.
The newest entrants to the crowded consumer digicam field reflect what recent sales figures have confirmed: As far as consumers are concerned, the more megapixels the better, even though a high megapixel count does not necessarily mean a superior image.
Police say the thieves searched the house before escaping with a number of wrapped Christmas presents, including a white Ipod docking station and a Sony 109 Digicam.
There maybe a little too many digicam scenes of Jaguar Paw and his pursuers running through the jungle, but Gibson more than compensates with a steady stream of ingenious Rambo-esque countermeasures (poison frogs, bees) and such pulse-pounding set pieces as a death defying plunge into a waterfall, quicksand and a terrifying jaguar attack.
Leica also featured its entry into the Four-Thirds standard digicam space, the Digilux 3.
Blogs, podcasts, digital snapshots, and home digicam streaming media all depend on the search engines to deliver the audience.
MyTube is the site where people can upload videos they've made--whether on high-end digicam or a mobile phone, animations, sequenced stills, whatever.
Sony commands the second-largest share of the digicam market after Canon Inc.
There have been plenty of articles on image-processing techniques in this magazine, such as Cor Berrevoets's tutorial on using RegiStax (S&T: April 2004, page 130), possibly the most useful freeware program for digicam imaging.
3 megapixel digicam with a 4x digital zoom and contains 32MB of RAM.