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DILDillon (Amtrak station code; Dillon, SC)
DILDiploma in Law (various locations)
DILDeed-in-Lieu (finance)
DILDo It Live
DILDual In-Line (integrated circuits)
DILDual in Line
DILDirect Link
DILDigital Infrared Link
DILDistribution Interaction Language
DILDigital Integration Laboratory
DILDigital Interactions Laboratory
DILDiscrete Input Low
DILDistributed Intermediate Language
DILDigital Imaging Laboratory
DILDigital Logic
DILDevice Input Output Library
DILDual-Induction Log (energy production)
DILDigital Image Library
DILDivision de l'Intendance et de la Logistique (French: Division of Stewardship and Logistics)
DILDiagnostics Immobiliers Lyonnais (French: Lyon Real Estate Diagnostics)
DILDigital Impairment Learning (modems)
DILDirect Inward Line
DILDistribution Idéale Libre (French: Ideal Free Distribution; ecology)
DILDigital Integration Laboratory (Army Software Engineering Center)
DILDerived Intervention Levels
DILDeliverable Items List
DILDigital Integrated Laboratory
DILDichiarazione di Inizio Lavori (Italian: Declaration of the Start of Work)
DILDielectric Image Line
DILDépartement d'Informatique de Luminy
DILDigital Information Laboratory
DILDaily Instruction Logs
DILDilan Interactive Learning (free tech training downloads and printouts)
DILDrainable Interstitial Liquid
DILDisconnected, Interrupted, and Low-bandwidth
DILDirector of International Logistics
DILData Interchange Language
DILDeferred Item List
DILDangerous Illness List
DILDirect Industrial License (India)
DILDisplayed Impact Line (US Air Force; fighter plane guide)
DILDear Investigator Letter (healthcare)
DILDifferential Insertion Loss (optical systems)
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This decision to dilate is inside GOS and not chargeable.
His notion of the dilated body is not a concept that is or can be thought but rather the image of energy, the image through which energy shows itself and demonstrates what it means to dilate the body, to make use of energy, and to reveal the implosion of a performer's body.
The active ingredient is called l-citrulline and this also works by increasing levels of nitric oxide which again dilates your blood vessels and lowers your blood pressure.
The cause was diagnosed to be failure of cervix to dilate properly due to hormonal insufficiency or due to injury during previous dystocia in previous calving.
Jeneralize tonik-klonik nobetler nedeniyle duzenli olarak valproik asit kullanan hastaya 9 yil once (10 yasinda iken) dilate kardiyomiyopati tanisi konulmus ve asetilsalisilik asit (100 mg/gun), digoksin (0.
The force needed to dilate the cervix at 6 mm also was significantly less in the misoprostol group than in the placebo group (5.
Today, doctors use the drug atropine, a purified extract of the plant Atropa belladonna (beautiful woman), to dilate pupils before eye examinations and procedures.
In non-smokers, the tourniquet stimulated blood vessels in the arm to dilate - but smokers' blood vessels were virtually unchanged.
Amac: Anjiyografik olarak normal koroner arterleri olan idiyopatik dilate kardiyomiyopatili hastalarm koroner kan akimlarini TIMI kare sayisi ile degerlendirmeyi ve saglikli bireylerin sonuclariyla karsilastirmayi amacladik.
Periodically, however, those vessels will briefly dilate, sending blood through the skin to keep the tissue from freezing.
Caused simply by alcohol consumption, the discomfort of hangover is experienced the morning after because alcohol causes the blood vessels to swell or dilate, triggering headache pain.
London, Mar 10 (ANI): When people make decisions, their pupils dilate, a cue that could be used to predict a person's intentions, says a new research.