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DIMDimanche (French: Sunday)
DIMDiminished (Chord; Music)
DIMDiminuendo (Music, Gradual Decrease of Tone)
DIMDigital Identity Management (Workshop)
DIMDays in Milk
DIMDi-Indole Methane
DIMDeportivo Independiente Medellín (Colombia soccer club)
DIMDrop-In Module
DIMDevice Interface Module
DIMDirector of Information Management
DIMData Input Module
DIMDigital Interface Module
DIMDigital Image Model
DIMDirectorate of Information Management
DIMDial In Modem
DIMData Interpretation Module
DIMDetection Identification & Monitoring
DIMDash Integration Module (General Motors)
DIMDefense Information Management
DIMDiffuse Iris Melanoma (eye tumor)
DIMDocument Imaging Management system
DIMData Input Message
DIMDealer Installed Memory
DIMDiscrete Interface Module
DIMDigital Interface Monitor
DIMDouble Interpolation Method
DIMDesign Independent Model
DIMDistrict Industrial Manager
DIMData in the Midddle
DIMDynamically Inert Missile
DIMDistributed Isolated Media
DIMData Interchange Monitor
DIMDescription, Installation, and Maintenance
DIMDead, Injured, Missing
DIMDynamic Interrupt Mode
DIMDistance-Increasing Mapping
DIMDiffusion Internationale du Meuble (French: Diffusion International Furniture)
DIMDust Impact Monitor (astronomy)
DIMDiffusion d'Instruments de Mesure (French: Dissemination of Measuring Instruments)
DIMDépartement d'Information Médicale (French: Department of Medical Information)
DIMDialogue Interreligieux Monastique (French: Monastic Interreligious Dialogue)
DIMDomaines d'Intérêt Majeur (French: Areas of Major Interest)
DIMDépartement de l'Intérieur et de la Mobilité (French: Department of the Interior and Mobility; Switzerland)
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Demand for Dim Sum bonds had decreased when a shock yuan devaluation thwarted hopes that the yuan was headed higher.
Eventually, Dim Sum TV chose Amagi CLOUDPORT, a cloud-based platform that allows Dim Sum TV to run and control its broadcast operations round-the-clock, and from any remote location.
The festival is all for two months, till August 31 and is boasting 40 Dim sums menu to pick from.
After deploying Amagi's CLOUDPORT solution, we went from having a cumbersome, unsophisticated playout workflow to a smooth, technically advanced operation that's much easier to control and scale," said Yau Keung Chan, technical director at Dim Sum TV.
This has become my barometer of good dim sum and, in most cases, of the other dishes on the menu.
The technology used in these Warm Dim LED lamps allows them to dim just like the lamps they are replacing," says Midwest Regional Sales Manager Emily Bahr.
Once I have learned everything I can about locality and regional gastronomy, I then work on supplying the residents with dim sum that they can enjoy, with the ingredients that they are familiar with.
Today, dim sum has become so common they are sold at sidewalk stalls, mall food carts, and school canteens.
Yn y cyfamser, mae'r gohebydd yn ei chael hi'n anodd canolbwyntio ar yr achos ac ymddengys nad oes llawer o bobl yn gwybod dim byd chwaith.
Yr unig reolau ydi bod dim rheolau, dim cadw mewn ar ol ysgol, dim cosbi.
dim M(L) [less than or equal to] [less than or equal to] 1/2 n(n - l), (1.