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DMEADelta-Montrose Electric Association (Colorado)
DMEADepartment of Mineral and Energy Affairs (South Africa)
DMEADefense Minerals Exploration Administration
DMEAdimethyl ethanol amine
DMEADurable Medical Equipment Attachment
DMEADes Moines Education Association
DMEADamage Mode and Effects Analysis
DMEADelaware Music Educators Association
DMEADefense Micro-Electronics Activity
DMEADefense Microelectronics Agency
DMEADavid Moor Estate Agents (UK)
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The cure chemistry of the new system involves the reaction of a specialty polymer with an initiator in the presence of a tertiary amine catalyst, such as triethylamine (TEA), dimethylethylamine (DMEA) or dimethylpropylamine (DMPA).
24-hr Lab Bench Life Tensile Performance Ranges of Isomax Tensile Measurement (time) New System (psi) PUCB(psi) Immediate (30 sec) 150-290 0-80 5 min 170-310 0-120 1 hr 190-340 0-140 24 hr 240-380 0-160 24 hr @ 90% RH 100-230 0-80 Hot core wash 60-110 0-40 Cold core wash 200-350 0-130 Sand type: 55 AFS silica sand Catalyst: Dimethylethylamine (DMEA) Blinder level: 1.
With some changes in corebox design, blowing and venting techniques and sand adjustments, plus a new gas, dimethylethylamine (DMEA) that reduced the curing time by a factor of three, the coldbox coremaking system began to attract foundry industry attention.