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DIMDimanche (French: Sunday)
DIMDiminished (Chord; Music)
DIMDiminuendo (Music, Gradual Decrease of Tone)
DIMDigital Identity Management (Workshop)
DIMDays in Milk
DIMDi-Indole Methane
DIMDeportivo Independiente Medellín (Colombia soccer club)
DIMDrop-In Module
DIMDevice Interface Module
DIMDirector of Information Management
DIMData Input Module
DIMDigital Interface Module
DIMDigital Image Model
DIMDirectorate of Information Management
DIMDial In Modem
DIMData Interpretation Module
DIMDetection Identification & Monitoring
DIMDash Integration Module (General Motors)
DIMDefense Information Management
DIMDiffuse Iris Melanoma (eye tumor)
DIMDocument Imaging Management system
DIMData Input Message
DIMDealer Installed Memory
DIMDiscrete Interface Module
DIMDigital Interface Monitor
DIMDouble Interpolation Method
DIMDesign Independent Model
DIMDistrict Industrial Manager
DIMData in the Midddle
DIMDynamically Inert Missile
DIMDistributed Isolated Media
DIMData Interchange Monitor
DIMDescription, Installation, and Maintenance
DIMDead, Injured, Missing
DIMDynamic Interrupt Mode
DIMDistance-Increasing Mapping
DIMDiffusion Internationale du Meuble (French: Diffusion International Furniture)
DIMDust Impact Monitor (astronomy)
DIMDiffusion d'Instruments de Mesure (French: Dissemination of Measuring Instruments)
DIMDépartement d'Information Médicale (French: Department of Medical Information)
DIMDialogue Interreligieux Monastique (French: Monastic Interreligious Dialogue)
DIMDomaines d'Intérêt Majeur (French: Areas of Major Interest)
DIMDépartement de l'Intérieur et de la Mobilité (French: Department of the Interior and Mobility; Switzerland)
References in classic literature ?
He had not gone more than a hundred yards towards the town when he slowed down, almost faltered in his walk, at the sight of a figure walking in the contrary direction, draped in a cloak, under a soft, broad-brimmed hat, picturesque but diminutive, as if seen through the big end of an opera-glass.
At closer quarters the diminutive personage looked like a reduction of an ordinary-sized man, with a lofty brow bared for a moment by the raising of the hat, the great pepper-and salt full beard spread over the proportionally broad chest.
He walked as if blind, following instinctively the shore of the diminutive harbour along the quay, through a pretty, dull garden, where dull people sat on chairs under the trees, till, his fury abandoning him, he discovered himself in the middle of a long, broad bridge.
The words, "my heart," "my jewel," "my little pet," "my queen," and the amorous diminutives of 1770, had a grace that was quite irresistible when they came from his lips.
But Farrell insists the diminutive Eastmond is well equipped to stop Williams, who will be making only his second appearance since returning to rugby union after a two-year spell back in league.
These levels surpassed the greater than 90% targets for colonoscopic assessment of diminutive polyps set by the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (Gastrointest.
THE NEW DOCTOR: A shame they didn't want mature, grey-bearded and diminutive
The diminutive Gary Richardson is always amusing to watch, though, if only to enable us to price up from the angle of the interviewees' eyes quite how much smaller he is than the rest of the human race.
The diminutive second-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class is not only "green" from the standpoint of the comparative fuel efficiency it offers (4.
Despite his diminutive stature, Wally the miniature horse seems not the least bit reluctant to take on his larger pasture mate, Bingo, as the pair owned by Christen Allen of Cottage Grove frolic in the grass just east of town.
But Austin is merely an English diminutive of Augustine, though, in this case, I suspect parents were naming their sons after Augustine of Canterbury, not the bishop of Hippo.
9W processors help enable the Wyse Winterm S class devices deliver more than three times the processing performance of predecessors with lower power usage and cooler operation within a diminutive, fanless form factor.