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DIMDimanche (French: Sunday)
DIMDiminished (Chord; Music)
DIMDiminuendo (Music, Gradual Decrease of Tone)
DIMDigital Identity Management (Workshop)
DIMDays in Milk
DIMDi-Indole Methane
DIMDeportivo Independiente Medellín (Colombia soccer club)
DIMDrop-In Module
DIMDevice Interface Module
DIMDirector of Information Management
DIMData Input Module
DIMDigital Interface Module
DIMDigital Image Model
DIMDirectorate of Information Management
DIMDial In Modem
DIMData Interpretation Module
DIMDetection Identification & Monitoring
DIMDash Integration Module (General Motors)
DIMDefense Information Management
DIMDiffuse Iris Melanoma (eye tumor)
DIMDocument Imaging Management system
DIMData Input Message
DIMDealer Installed Memory
DIMDiscrete Interface Module
DIMDigital Interface Monitor
DIMDouble Interpolation Method
DIMDesign Independent Model
DIMDistrict Industrial Manager
DIMData in the Midddle
DIMDynamically Inert Missile
DIMDistributed Isolated Media
DIMData Interchange Monitor
DIMDescription, Installation, and Maintenance
DIMDead, Injured, Missing
DIMDynamic Interrupt Mode
DIMDistance-Increasing Mapping
DIMDiffusion Internationale du Meuble (French: Diffusion International Furniture)
DIMDust Impact Monitor (astronomy)
DIMDiffusion d'Instruments de Mesure (French: Dissemination of Measuring Instruments)
DIMDépartement d'Information Médicale (French: Department of Medical Information)
DIMDialogue Interreligieux Monastique (French: Monastic Interreligious Dialogue)
DIMDomaines d'Intérêt Majeur (French: Areas of Major Interest)
DIMDépartement de l'Intérieur et de la Mobilité (French: Department of the Interior and Mobility; Switzerland)
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In the many controversies about diminutive meaning, the following questions have not received a conclusive answer yet, or, rather, different answers have been given in different traditions and approaches:
Scholars have often pointed out the remarkable lack of diminutive forms in most varieties of English, with the exception of SSE and Australian English, as opposed to more frequent occurrences in Scots.
These performance levels surpassed the greater-than-90% targets for colonoscopic assessment of diminutive polyps set last year by a committee organized by the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (Gastrointest.
The dual-focus group had 710 polyps, including 530 diminutive lesions; the control group had 599 polyps, including 445 that were 5 mm or less.
The diminutive Gary Richardson is always amusing to watch, though, if only to enable us to price up from the angle of the interviewees' eyes quite how much smaller he is than the rest of the human race.
The diminutive and highly experienced Italian noted that IATA was taking the French government to court and asking for a European directive on the efficient National Regulation of Europe's airport monopolies.
The longest of these pieces--just one minute fifty seconds--was The Singer, 2004, a performance by a small figure made of blue cardboard, who appears on a white stage (a human hand holds a fabric square that rises to reveal the diminutive protagonist).
Despite the criticism that these could be too oppressive for the relatively diminutive life-sized residents guarded within, Soler has outcamped himself with his latest wrap-around strategy, this time working for the French Ministry of Culture with a more robust, but equally theatrical, stainless-steel screen.
And the sat fat in a diminutive (270-calorie) twin-pack of Caramel & Creme Squares pretty much matches what you'd get in a Quarter Pounder.
The diminutive second-generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class is not only "green" from the standpoint of the comparative fuel efficiency it offers (4.
90 pages may seem diminutive in size, but pack in all the depth and detail of larger adult coverages on the topic, from discussions of posthumous conception without consent to multiple birth ethics and human cloning.