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DNPDoctor of Nursing Practice
DNPDivision of Nuclear Physics
DNPDepartamento Nacional de Planeación (Colombia)
DNPDid Not Play
DNPDistributed Network Protocol
DNPDid Not Place (various competitions)
DNPDenali National Park
DNPDartmoor National Park (UK)
DNPDuty Not Paid (black market, smuggling cigarettes)
DNPDo Not Populate
DNPDisconnect for Non Payment
DNPDual Net Processor
DNPDynamic Network Planning
DNPDialed Number Preferred (4ESS)
DNPDumb Nerds Productions
DNPDynamic Nano-Platforms
DNPDemocracy Network Program
DNPDead Net Price
DNPDemnet Program (Macedonia)
DNPDamn Near Perfect
DNPDisarmament and Non-Proliferation (UN)
DNPDai Nippon Printing (Japan)
DNPDo Not Print
DNPDynamic Nuclear Polarization
DNPDivision of Nature Preserves (Indiana Department of Natural Resources)
DNPDemocratisch Nationaal Platform (Democratic National Platform, Suriname)
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Dinitrophenol, Cyclosporin A, and Trimetazidine Modulate Preconditioning in the Isolated Rat Heart: support for a mitochondrial role in cardioprotection.
The original Osmose patents described a preservative process using sodium fluoride, potassium bichromate, sodium arsenate, and dinitrophenol.
Among these, two methods are arsenic based: =one is based on a formulation of copper, chrome and arsenic (CCA) =substances; the other is based on formulations of dinitrophenol, =fluoride, and arsenic (DFA) substances.
There was dinitrophenol in the 1930s, which raised the body's metabolic rate and definitely caused weight-loss, but with frightening side effects, such as headaches, weakness, vomiting, and diarrhea, to say nothing of fever-induced death.
Use of Prostab eliminates the need for dinitrophenol and dinitrocresol products, which are said to be somewhat effective in controlling tar but require stringent regulatory reporting in the U.
1933 - Dinitrophenol is marketed as Corpu-lean, Formula 39 and Slim.
Last year, five people died after taking tablets made with toxic industrial chemical dinitrophenol - used in explosives and hair dye.
Fiona Parry, whose 21-yearold daughter Eloise died within hours of taking eight dinitrophenol (DNP) tablets in April, worked with the BBC to contact a supplier based in Turkey.
The world police agency has raised the alarm with forces in 190 countries after the toxic pesticide dinitrophenol was linked to the death of student Eloise Parry, and also left a Frenchman critically ill.
In fact, rotenone (CASRN 83-79-4) and papaverine (CASRN 61-25-6), two known inhibitors of mitochondrial respiration, and the uncoupler dinitrophenol (CASRN 51-28-5)--and a few of its derivatives--fall into this category.
To quantify target and competitor PCR products separately, amplification products are labeled during PCR with DIG and dinitrophenol (DNP), respectively.