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DIOLDo It On LAN (esports terminology)
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w] of polyether diol was beneficial to extending the molecular chains between adjacent crosslinking points, which decreased the SR of FPUFs.
Mathematical modeling of reaction-diffusion mechanism of PAH diol epoxides in a cell.
niger yielded p-menthan-3,7 diol (71) (Scheme 25), while (-)-menthol (72) afforded p-menthan-3,9-diol (73) (Asakawa et al.
Effects of Functional Group Interactions on the Bimolecular and Dissociation Reactions of Diols, J.
The order with respect to the diol is one but tends to zero at higher concentration.
These results demonstrate that the formation of a PAH diol epoxide occurs rapidly in smokers.
The PS-PCAP diol showed a one-step degradation profile, whereas the PtBA-PCAP diol showed a three-step profile.
En ambos metodos el Tinuvin 622 es transformado al Diol 622, mediante la saponificacion con hidroxido de potasio (KOH) y/o con hidroxido de tetrabutil amonio (TBAH).
Hauptman, Dehydroxylation of Diols and Polyols; Brookhaven National Laboratory, The DuPont Company, Patent WO 0198241 (2001).
2]) was defined as an indicator of the aromatic diol compound based polysulfone degradation upon irradiation.
In order to optimize reaction conditions for solid phase chemistry, the concentrations of PPTS and diol were varied, and the amount of diol bound to the solid phase (load) was measured.