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DIREDistributeurs Indépendants Réunis Européens (French: European Reunited Independent Distributors)
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O Myriads of immortal Spirits, O Powers Matchless, but with th' Almighty, and that strife Was not inglorious, though th' event was dire, As this place testifies, and this dire change Hateful to utter: but what power of mind Foreseeing or presaging, from the Depth Of knowledge past or present, could have fear'd, How such united force of Gods, how such As stood like these, could ever know repulse?
As soon as these dire magicians and tyrant-makers find that they are losing their hold on him, they contrive to implant in him a master passion, to be lord over his idle and spendthrift lusts--a sort of monstrous winged drone-- that is the only image which will adequately describe him.
It is also expected to associate these five dry ports, comprising the Port of Dire Dawa, with railway lines and industrial parks that are expanded in the country.
Une cinglante fin de non recevoir a la redoutable et redoutee organisation pilotee par Noureddine Taboubi ; rien a voir avec la declaration feutree, edulcoree du chef du gouvernement qui s'etait borne a dire qu'il est [beaucoup moins que] impossible d'elaborer des politiques a long terme si on remanie le gouvernement aussi frequemment [beaucoup plus grand que].
Faheem Iqbal resident of village Mohra Alho told the police that he along with Faizan was going towards Islamabad airport when the five accused Ehtasham Ali, Bilal Shoukat, Zaheer Saleem, Baqir Aziz, Qamar Asghar armed with pistols stopped them and threatened of dire consequences.
To say Dire Straits were successful is a bit like saying zebras are rather stripey.
Lois Schwarz is the founder of the Dire Wolf Project.
Dire car chases, dire fights, dire villains (robber holds knife's blunt side to hostage's throat), dire plots (building society manager applies online for a loan to pay a drug debt, only to discover it takes three working days).
The ace guitarist and former Dire Straits frontman is at Newcastle Metro Radio Arena to promote his latest solo release, Tracker.
The court also announces that, because only one room in the entire courthouse is big enough to accommodate such a panel, that is where the voir dire will take place.
BAMAKO, Rajab 13, 1436, May 2, 2015, SPA -- Tuareg separatist rebels attacked Malian army positions in the northern town of Dire on Saturday, as rising violence threatened to derail a U.
5million of Irish aid is to be donated to alleviate the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, the Government said.