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DODirector of Operations
DOData Object
DODoctor of Osteopathy
DODay Off
DOData Out
DODue Out
DODelivery Order
DODistrict Office
DODriver Only (train operated by the driver only)
DODirect Object
DODuty Officer
DODigital Output
DODesign Overview
DODevelopment Officer
DODirector Officer
DODominican Republic
DODesk Officer (NYPD)
DODiário Oficial (Official Gazette; Brazil)
DODistributed Object
DODistrict Officer
DODissolved Oxygen
DODivision Officer
DODornier (German aircraft manufacturer)
DODrawing Office
DODoctor of Osteopathic Medicine
DODetention Officer
DODesignated Official
DODesign Objective
DODoctor of Obstetrics
DODiscrete Output
DODistributed Operations
DODeportation Order
DODisaster Operations (US FEMA)
DODepartmental Offices
DODenominacion de Origen (general identification for Spanish wines)
DODisbursing Officer
DOOperations Directorate (NIMA)
DODispensing Optician
DODirectorate of Operations (US CIA)
DODivision Operator
DODigital Orthophoto (FEMA)
DODivisional Officer
DOOmbudsmannen mot Etnisk Diskriminering (the Swedish national ombudsman for issues on ethnic discrimination)
DODiffractive Optics (camera lenses technology)
DODetermination Order (workers compensation claims)
DODefense Order
DODommages Ouvrage (French: Work Damage)
DODesktop Originator
DODisciplined Oscillator
DODistrict Overseer (Jehovah's Witnesses)
DODisbursement Order
DOOperational Dependability
DODrift Orbit
DODonk Out (poker)
DODisbursing Order
DODiode Outline
DODisto-Occlusal (dentistry)
DODistortion Offset
DODark One (Wheel of Time series)
DODoctor of Otolaryngology
DODiatomic Orbital
DODefined Order
DOUS Duty Officer
DODaily Orange (Syracuse University student newspaper; New York)
DODawson and Oberman (plasmas)
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Prototypical Direct Object Anyone or anything perceived as an agent
Kulikov relies heavily on the passivization test to distinguish direct objects from other types of accusatives.
Not only can direct objects look other than they are, how things look is constituted partially by factors other than the object.
Example (34a) is grammatical: the OM is co-referential with the dislocated direct object NP buka' and not with the WH phrase ani 'who'.
That the Channel is now the direct object of swam is confirmed by the existence of a passive formation.
It suggests that the direct object may have accusative case marker if it is animate.
In an aspectual complex predicate, the Theme argument is generally the direct object in transitive constructions and the subject in intransitive ones.
Structural case is assigned by the verb to its direct object (Accusative) or by Tense to the subject (Nominative).
A facade of "law" and "government" will increasingly shelter, facilitate, empower, and reward political crimes--until organized criminality replaces both law and government and America finds herself reliving her Colonial history, "a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in their direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over these States.
We assume, after Witkos (2007), that Polish shows a base VP internal order of arguments, where the indirect object (marked for dative) precedes the direct object (marked for Accusative) and any nominal object (marked for Accusative) precedes any PP complement of the verb.
In contrast, set means "to put or place something" and often takes a direct object.
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