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DIRDepartment of Industrial Relations
DIRDirector's Office
DIRDoing It Right (SCUBA diving)
DIRDaiwa Institute of Research Ltd (Japan)
DIRDiagnostic and Interventional Radiology
DIRDomestic Incident Report (NYPD)
DIRDigital Audio Interface Receiver
DIRDoctors Insurance Reciprocal
DIRDetailed Implementation Regulations (China)
DiRDifferentiated Reliability
DIRDefense Intelligence Report
DIRDivision of International Relations
DIRDrug Intervention Record (UK)
DIRDigital Image Restoration
DIRDetection, Isolation, Recovery
DIRDad in Room (chat)
DIRDisassembly Inspection Report
DIRData Item Requirement
DIRDepot Inspection & Repair
DIRDomestic Imagery Requirement (FEMA)
DIRDaily Information Report
DIRDiscovery Investigation Request
DIRDirectly Interpretable Representation
DIRDépannage Informatique Rapide (French computer repairs)
DIRDirection Interdépartementale des Routes (French: Interdepartmental Directorate of Roads)
DIRDimension Informatique Réalisations (French: Dimension Data Projects)
DIRDissimilatory Iron Reduction
DIRDepartment of International Relations (various organizations)
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Lanier says city officials are pleased with directional drilling and the progress made during the first months of construction.
Performance curves of the directional couplers, including insertion loss, directivity response, frequency sensitivity and coupled port SWR, operating over the full 2 to 40 GHz frequency range are shown in Figures 1 through 4.
In addition to directional arrows (horizontal), confirmation arrows (vertical), and custom logo signs, two accessory products are available: 1) quivers with straps for carrying the signs; and 2) an installation tool for use on hard or rocky ground to punch a hole for inserting the poles.
Under terms of the agreement, Frontier Pipeline equipment, other key resources and personnel will be added to Southeast Directional Drilling.
Drilling services provider Southeast Directional Drilling reported on Monday the completion of the acquisition of the assets of a Minnesota-based horizontal directional drilling (HDD) company in response to strong demand from the former's directional customers.
Prior will continue his leadership as a director of the Pipeline Contractors Association of Canada as a representative of Michels Directional Crossing Co.
Unlike MUSIC[TM] and INFINITI 3[TM] analog programmables, with which the wearer selects between directional and omnidirectional mode with an intuitive switch on the faceplate, this directional option is contained within the multiple programs.
In April GM became one of the first contractors in the country to purchase a directional drilling machine specifically to do water and sewer work.
Southeast Directional Drilling today announced that it has acquired the assets of Frontier Pipeline, a Minnesota-based horizontal directional drilling ("HDD") company.
Since the Belmont Addition is a well-populated residential area (approximately 200 homes) with a busy street passing through it, the city and contractor S&S Directional Boring Ltd.
The question that now arises is where to place the risers in high-production vertically-parted sand molds to ensure directional solidification in bottom-gated castings.
Stanley recommended to WDMWW that directional drilling be used on several segments of the job.
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