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DSABLDepth and Simultaneous Attack Battle Lab
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He made these observations at a press conference held under the auspices of Pakistan Disable Cricket Association (PDCA) here at the National Stadium to launch PakAfghan Disable series starting here from Feb 22.
However, the number of disable men, women and children, registered with NCRDPs on the basis of assessment of their disability by the Medical Assessment Board is 6,789 including 4,209 disabled men, 1222 disabled women and 1358 disabled children.
TEAMS HYDERABAD DISABLE CRICKET TEAM Abdul Jabbar,Babar Ali,Hamza,Danish,Tayyab Ali,Faheem Wasan,Aqib Ali,Taufail Abro,Ubaid Pathan,Abdul Rehman,Tauseef Ahmed,Yasir Ali,Mohammad Javed,Noman Ali,Adil Ali khan,Iqbal Malik (Coach cum Manager)
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