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DCNDLA (Defense Logistics Agency) Corporate Network
DCNDirection des Constructions Navales (France)
DCNData Communication Network
DCNDocument Control Number
DCNDeclaration Control Number
DCNDocument Change Notice
DCNDorsal Cochlear Nucleus (neurology)
DCNDesigning Cisco Networks
DCNDesign Change Notice
DCNDistributed Computer Network
DCNDigital Communications Network
DCNData Consortium Namespace
DCNdata link coordination net (US DoD)
DCNDrawing Change Notice
DCNData-Link Coordination Net
DCNDelivery Center Network
DCNDefense Communications Network
DCNDisaster Contractor Network
DCNData Control Network
DCNDiabetes Control Network
DCNDimensional Controller Nodes (Xiotech)
DCNDance Camp North (UK)
DCNDriveClone Network
DCNDouble Check Negotiation (Social Security)
DCNData Change Notice
DCNDoctor of Clinical Nutrition (degree program)
DCNDeepCyberNet (internet hosting provider)
DCNDistrict Communication Network (Afghanistan)
DCNDirect Connect Newsletter (Intel)
DCNDigital China Networks, Ltd. (China)
DCNDivision du Combustible Nucléaire (French: Division of Nuclear Fuel; nuclear energy industry)
DCNDesert Communications Network (California Amateur Radio Group)
DCNDevelop Community Network (Mexico)
DCNDevelopmental Cognitive Neuropsychology
DCNDesign Communicate Network (Germany)
DCNData Consult Nord (Danish: Data Consult North)
DCNData Center Networking
DCNDAF (Van Doorne's Automobiel Fabriek) Club Nederland (Dutch car club)
DCNDancube Network (website)
DCNDuct Cleaners' Network (Bowie, MD)
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The new Disconnect product allows users to visualize invisible tracking connections for free, and offers premium protection that covers up to 3 devices for $5 a month, or $50 a year.
38KV Class Primary Fused Disconnects (Kirk Key Interlock Voltage Regulator)(Requires
It's easy these days to promote the Great Disconnect through neglect.
Many drivers are calling us to disconnect the passenger airbag, but we are recommending they put their child in a car seat in the rear of the car, rather than disconnect the airbag,'' said Gill Mack, service delivery manager in the Lex maintenance department.
Make sure the circuit breakers and the disconnect switches in the circuit are open before the generator is started.
The carrier eventually disconnects the service but never recovers the costs or lost revenue.
Senior Programme Director Hannes Prenn said: "As global demand for smaller, more efficient SUVs continues to grow, GKN's Disconnect All-Wheel Drive System will help open new markets.
Select a contractor to provide the City of Seattle s City Light (SCL) department with Two (2) 120kV (123kV Maximum Rated) Vertical Break type, Horizontal Mount Outdoor Group-Operated Air Disconnect Switches without ground switch,Eight (8) 240kV (242kV Maximum Rated)Vertical Break type, Horizontal Mount Outdoor Group-Operated Air Disconnect Switches without ground switchandTwo (2) 240kV (242kV Maximum Rated)Vertical Break type, Horizontal Mount Outdoor Group-Operated Air Disconnect Switches with ground switch.
Al-Madinah daily reported on Friday that in addition to this notice, the SEC will send a disconnect warning if the bill accumulates over SR400 or a bill has not been paid for six months, whichever comes first.
QWHEN I was online with Windows 98, there would always be a prompt to disconnect the modem when I closed my home page.
There is today a clear disconnect between the public and private real estate capital markets," according to the report, "not unlike the disconnect that occurred earlier in the decade to the advantage of publicly traded real estate.
Many of these barriers ultimately toppled in the early 1990s with the FBI's Operation Disconnect, which gave law enforcement one of its first real glimpses inside the boiler rooms of America.