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DISCOSDisturbance Compensation System (Satellite attitude control equipment on NOVA satellite-Transit Satellite)
DISCOSDatabase and Information System Characterising Objects in Space (European Space Agency)
DISCOSDynamic Interaction Simulation of Controls and Structure Program
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This month the teams were on hand as the discos hosted two tribute nights, a Michael Jackson night and a Queen night.
A WEEKLY disco held for people with learning difficulties has celebrated its move to another venue, after being told to leave its home of nine years.
Due to the lack of sectionalizing devices in DISCOs distribution system, consumers not in the vicinity of the area of the fault are also affected during outages.
If you'd like to decorate your disco more, one of my favourite disco decorations are old cds
The stolen disco items include a pounds 700 grey Warrior mixer, a pounds 600 set of Peavey speakers, disco lights valued at pounds 350, microphones, leads, extensions and other equipment.
By 1983 the UK boasted 4,000 roller discos and back in the US Hollywood was cashing in on the craze making roller movies.
In 1991, while he was still with the trading firm, he produced the popular disco club Juliana's.
Meanwhile, a 13-year-old girl was arrested by Gardai outside the disco for being drunk and for assaulting a member of the Gardai who had been called to the scene.
School Disco is a phenomenon that has swept the country.
To argue that gay proms are obstacles to freedom and integration is to imply that gay discos, bars, community centers, and everything else are just as reactionary.
A NEW disco club for single people in Nuneaton and Bedworth has got off to a promising start.
Dust off the platform shoes and send the leisure suit to the cleaners, because ABC will host "The Disco Ball.