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Had I been more familiar with the signal to disengage NWS, this entire incident might have been avoided.
To disengage, rotate the combat lock handle to the horizontal position.
The pilot and his passenger attempted to disengage the autopilot by depressing the "A/P" button on the unit's control panel, but eventually turned off the avionics master switch to completely power down the unit.
The city's action left Wall only two choices, he said: add a disclaimer to the audit, which could taint it enough that the city would have to pay higher interest rates on future bonds, or disengage.
CEPHALIC CARNAGE Anomalies (Relapse)--Quite a varied landscape offered here on the fourth full-length from Denver's premium grindmasters, Chunky doomed passages and straight up heavyassrock elements disengage from the norm as the title suggests.
But don't forget to disengage it by pressing Esc# or it will continue to reformat everything you click on.
In such experiments in quantum physics, the photon and atom repeatedly merge and disengage, forming a blended entity of matter and light.
A switch operates a clutch to disengage the Z-drive focus motor drive when not needed.
In their opening statement, the prosecutors said Takamoto, 52, was aware through his training of the special characteristics of an MD-11 aircraft, in which manually operating the control wheel would disengage the autopilot and make the plane unstable.