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DISMDeployment Image Servicing and Management (Microsoft)
DISMDynamic Intimate Shared Memory (Sun Solaris Server)
DISMDisability Insurance State Manual
DISMDiploma in Information System Management
DISMDismounted Intelligence Situation Mapboard
DISMDigital Interface Standards for Monitors
DISMDiploma in Infocomm Securities Management (Singapore Polytechnic)
DISMDepartment of Intellectual Property, Standardization and Metrology (National Authority for Science and Technology: Laos)
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From their tongues they did dismiss it; and Catherine, probably, from her thoughts.
It would be best to dismiss the subject for the present, and to wait hopefully till the summer came.
And the great Light of Day yet wants to run Much of his Race though steep, suspens in Heav'n Held by thy voice, thy potent voice he heares, And longer will delay to heare thee tell His Generation, and the rising Birth Of Nature from the unapparent Deep: Or if the Starr of Eevning and the Moon Haste to thy audience, Night with her will bring Silence, and Sleep listning to thee will watch, Or we can bid his absence, till thy Song End, and dismiss thee ere the Morning shine.
Tell your tyrannical master, I do only beseech him to dismiss the Lady Rowena in honour and safety.
Pedro Gailhard has himself told me that he created a few additional posts as door-shutters for old stage-carpenters whom he was unwilling to dismiss from the service of the Opera.
Will it not be more safe, as well as more simple, to dismiss such vague and uncertain calculations, to examine each power by itself, and to decide, on general principles, where it may be deposited with most advantage and least inconvenience?
My heart runs blood whenever I think of it; it is so fresh in my memory that I cannot dismiss it from my thoughts, nor rest for its insistence, although a year has now elapsed since the events took place.
And he went on talking over the business in hand calmly, while I tried vainly to dismiss from my mind the picture of Cesar steeped to the chin in the water of the old harbour, a decoction of centuries of marine refuse.
I shall excuse you nothing on the plea of being my brother; if I find you stupid, negligent, dissipated, idle, or possessed of any faults detrimental to the interests of the house, I shall dismiss you as I would any other clerk.
How easily does her ladyship encourage or dismiss a lover
To discover him at Rolliver's, to sit there for an hour or two by his side and dismiss all thought and care of the children during the interval, made her happy.
Let us not dismiss it as if it were some mere trivial, everyday difficulty.