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DSPLDataset Publishing Language (data format)
DSPLDigital Signal Processing Language
DSPLDesign Specialists and Plans Language
DSPLdisplay system programming language (US DoD)
DSPLDeep Sea Power and Light (San Diego, CA)
DSPLDigital Signal Processing Laboratory
DSPLDigital Signal Processing Library
DSPLDolby Surround Pro Logic (Dolby Laboratories)
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The Benson Disposal deal includes trucks, containers, equipment and contracts to expand the company's reach in the Decatur, Ill.
Here are a few techniques that work great to keep the odors out of your disposal.
4) Sharps disposal is a problem in South Africa because of accidental NSI to garbage removers or other persons handling domestic waste.
The two articles that follow--Herding Cats I: Disposal of DoD Real Property and Contractor Inventory in Contingency Operations, by Captain Lyndsey Olson, (6) and Herding Cats II: Disposal of DoD Personal Property, by Major Kathryn Navin7--seek to provide JAs with the legal framework related to the disposal of all DoD property overseas.
Unreliable land disposal data impair the usefulness of REMIS as a record of current inventory and as a source of data that would be useful for budgeting purposes and the strategic management of landholdings.
Pro Disposal is a roll-off collection operation based in Collier County with two transfer stations located in Naples and Ft.
Weaver said the extension would allow the city to raise the local recycling rate -- currently about 50 percent -- and minimize reliance on waste disposal by rail.
Current federal and state regulations permit largely unrestricted land disposal of animal house wastes, which include excreta, house litter, animal carcasses, and spilled food.
Disposal of unused FRH stocked in bulk lots and packaged separately from MRE:
the Office of Thrift Supervision, the National Credit Union Administration, and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to cooperate to adopt comparable and consistent rules regarding the disposal of sensitive consumer report information.
a Pennsylvania-based company that handles disposition of such equipment, none of these disposal methods addresses the environmental or legal responsibilities an organization faces.