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DITADarwin Information Typing Architecture
DITADivision of Information Technology Acquisition (US NIH)
DITADrummond Island Tourism Association (Michigan)
DITADistributed Information Technology Architecture (Sprint)
DITADefense Investigators Training Accreditation
DITADiploma of International Technical Analysis
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Many training groups are not leveraging the benefits of XML and structured content," noted Amber Swope, who heads DITA Strategies.
instinctools delivers software and services in the areas of custom Eclipse and Java development, consulting and implementation of single-source solutions with DITA and content management projects.
We selected DITA CMS from IXIASOFT because we felt that it was truly designed to support the DITA standard, said Sven Leukert, vice president, Knowledge Management, SAP.
Dita is the global brand ambassador for Cointreau and is here to promote the liquor giant.
True to Dita Von Teese's signature style, the collection encapsulates an iconic vintage feel including one of her personal favourites, the overwire bra and high waisted panties, garter belts and lovely corsolettes.
With a Twitter following over 674,000, Dita Von Teese is arguably one of the biggest global style icons of today," she added.
Dita removes her corset and bra and is topless while Thierry marvels at her assets.
Dita was born August 17th 1918, in Worcester the daughter of Christopher and Persephone (Karaku) Theodore.
Dita, who models fetish gear and stages burlesque strip shows, said: 'That Prince Harry really knows how to party, but who goes out wearing a Nazi uniform?
AMOS OZ'S NEW NOVEL concerns a widower tax accountant named Albert Danon and the people with whom he interacts -- primarily his deceased wife Nadia (through flashbacks and the imagination), his son Rico, who is climbing mountains in Tibet and working as a night watchman for a fishery company, and Rico's girlfriend, the screenwriter and hotel clerk Dita Inbar.
Labor activist Dita Indah Sari, of the Peoples Democratic Party (PRD), on Monday walked to her freedom from the Tangerang Women's Penitentiary Institution, in the suburbs of Jakarta.