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DIVASDeadly Viper Assassination Squad (Kill Bill movie reference)
DIVASDynamic In Vitro Attachment and Invasion System (cell culture growth system)
DIVASDigital Intravenous Angiography by Substraction (pulmonary care)
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VH1 will exclusively offer the VH1 Divas Live album for direct sale via direct response between September 19 and the official retail street date of October 6.
We are thrilled with the result and very impressed with Microsoft's willingness to be reasonable about this issue," says Digital Divas founder Dana Whitmire.
In addition to EZ-ISDN compatibility, the DIVA family of ISDN products includes the Microsoft Accelerator Pack 1.
Divas Past: Relive the legendary Divas lineups, including Shania Twain,
During the ``irrational exuberance'' of the bull market, the Bronze Divas kept their cool and did their homework, staying out of the sizzling tech sector and focusing instead on more staid, consumer-product stocks, like Nike, Home Depot and Wal-Mart.
Blige and Toni Braxton, Ultimate Divas nearly lives up to its Greatest Female Vocalists of Our Time subtitle, although Peggy Lee, Dusty Springfield, k.
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And although sapphic sisters aren't unknown to club music (hi-NRG songbird Hazell Dean comes to mind), dance divas and queerness usually come together only in the time-tested tradition of straight women singers mouthing the sentiments and sexual desires of gay songwriter-producers Cardwell instead brings to the dance floor qualities associated with gals and their guitars--introspection, integrity, and authenticity.
To kick off this effort, Wedding Paper Divas has partnered with several popular blogs where readers will be asked to choose their ideal destination wedding and select a matching wedding invitation design.