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DIVDivide (street type)
DIVDivergence (mathematics; calculus)
DIVDigital Video
DIVDigestibilidad in Vitro (Spanish: Vitro Digestibility)
DIVDays in Vitro
DIVDocumentaire Informatievoorziening
DIVDeutsches Internet Verzeichnis (German: German Internet Directory, Ltd.)
DIVDirectie Inschrijving Voertuigen (Dutch: Subscription Management Vehicles; Belgium)
DIVDélégation Interministérielle a la Ville (French: Interministerial Delegation to the City)
DIVDesquamative Inflammatory Vaginitis
DIVDirection d'Immatriculation des Véhicules (French: Directorate of Vehicle Registration; Belgium)
DIVDiagnostique In-Vitro
DIVDrywell Isolation Valve
References in classic literature ?
On their part they saw a great difference in him, a growing divergence from the Angel Clare of former times.
As if the homeless soul of Stevie had flown for shelter straight to the breast of his sister, guardian and protector, the resemblance of her face with that of her brother grew at every step, even to the droop of the lower lip, even to the slight divergence of the eyes.
The captain's reflections were not complicated by any unnecessary divergences from the contemplation of his own position to the contemplation of Magdalen's.
The major theme in this story about democratic Sudan under al-Mahdi is the lack of coherence of government and the problem of political divergence and fragmentation caused by alliances between tribes, religious orders, political factions, parties and the military with outside states and movements.
One aspect of this poll was that there was no great divergence between the views of people in the younger age-groups (18-34 years) and other sections of the population.
Notice the divergence of the particle number curves beyond 70 sieve.
And assuming the elite-everyman Korean divergence is correct, what does this really tell us?
The panel will also look into reasons for high divergence in Non-Performing Asset (NPA) classification and provisioning by banks.
5bn in divergence, while ICICI Bank Ltd refused to comment.
Let's turn it to "no divergence in the UK's devolutionary settlement".
Although this divergence is puzzling in light of standard economic theory, it can be explained by credit market imperfections that raise the cost of capital and depress aggregate investment.
The book relates the issues of globalization to another large debate in economic history regarding the rise in economic inequality between western Europe and the rest of the world known as the Great Divergence debate.