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The Diverter is constructed of 4140 carbon steel with a Melonite finish.
Principal Technology designed its tail gas diverter valve system to address the crucial need to keep elemental sulphur molten during the process of removing it from natural gas or refined petroleum products," said its president and CEO Matthew S Hodson.
Along with installing remote-control electric fence energizers, we wanted to beef up lightning protection, so we opted for the simplicity of Kencove's reusable combination lightning diverter and choke coil.
The report analyzes revenue and growth trends for the entire sector with special emphasis on embolic coils, intracranial stents, Flow Diverters, liquid embolics and thrombectomy devices.
The Quantum Series Wye Line Diverter claims to provide positive shutoff of air and material, improving process efficiency and minimising cross contamination or material build-up beyond the closed port.
At other times, the plugging occurred in an aging rotary diverter.
The system communicates with Hunkar diverters and most major part diverter manufacturers.
HONG KONG -- Johnson Electric today announced a new generation of diverter valves, under its Saia brand, with low noise operation and lowest pressure drop.
The Saia-Burgess HVAC actuators meet the demanding requirements of the different airflow diverter functions.
The diverter deflects polymer away from the opening or else it will quickly become filled with melt.
Both designs come standard with the company's No Topple diverter reject gates, which can be used for both open and closed bottles.
It incorporated two extruders--90 mm and 50 mm--a continuous diverter type screen changer, melt pump, ABA feed block, and 800 mm die to produce 250 kg/hour of RPET Sheet at a trimmed width of 700 mm.