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DZAlgeria (TLD country abbreviation)
DZDoppelzimmer (German: Double Room)
DZDrop Zone
DZDelta Zeta (sorority)
DZDrizzle (weather)
DZDeutsche Zentral-Genossenschaftsbank (German Bank; was until 2001: DG)
DZDigital Zoom
DZDimension Zero (band)
DZDead Zone
DZDanger Zone
DZDouzaine (French: dozen)
DZDemilitarized Zone (usually seen as DMZ)
DZDiscovery Zone
DZDoctor Zhivago (novel, movie)
DZDropping Zone
DZDark Zone
DZDoppelzentner (unit of measure)
DZDefense Zone
DZDenuded Zone
DZDamien Zygote (musician)
DZDonau Zentrum (German: Danube Shopping Center)
DZDarkztar (website)
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The authors have organized the ten chapters that make up the main body of their text in four parts devoted to dizzy spells that occur with a change in position, dizzy spells that occur in attacks but with no apparent trigger, a single bout of dizziness that last for days and then gradually improves, and constant dizziness that lasts twenty-four hours a day for months or even years.
Dizzy spells and feeling faint are common problems.
His defence solicitor, John Nixon, also claimed Storey had not been fully informed about two similar incidents involving the dog by the sanctuary from which he got Dizzy.
Dizzy goal videos can be shared with the hashtag #DizzyGoals and by tagging @THEGLOBALGOALs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Black may have walked from an air-conditioned room in to midday heat, with the change in temperature causing her to become dizzy, a newspaper reported.
5) Elsie Brennen Wachtel, who grew up on a farm neighboring the farm where the Deans worked, remembers Dizzy had a rhyme for the boys: "Poodle, Jay, and Paul--and that's all.
She had suffered a dizzy spell and fallen backwards, causing an injury to her hip.
A varied and sprawling set, Dizzy Heights is different from much of Finn's previous work and establishes his ongoing relevance in today's changing market.
Dizzy was caught at about eight months old, in the Windhoek area without her mother and siblings and was introduced to four young orphans of roughly the same age as her.
But GNR keyboard player Dizzy Reed thinks Axl is misunderstood.
DIZZY River has a fine opportunity at Sedgefield to post his first victory of the year.