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DOCKDorcas Outreach Center for Kids (Brevard County, Florida)
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Presently, the dock became the central point of interest.
Then they crept up alongside of the dock and the sailors threw the quivering fish over the side of the boat; a line of carts was waiting for them, and women with white caps sprang forward to receive the baskets and embrace their men-folk.
It was in the dock in Dundee, where we had brought a full cargo of jute from Calcutta.
The ship might have been moored in dock, so gently and on an even keel she slipped through the water, that did not murmur even at our passage, shadowy and silent like a phantom sea.
You are sleeping, son of Atreus; one who has the welfare of his host and so much other care upon his shoulders should dock his sleep.
Stoddard was connected with the New York dock department at the time of Mr.
I’m tired of my berth, d’ye see, and if-so-be that Leather Stocking has got much overhauling to do before he sails after them said beaver I’ll go into dock again, and ride out my quarantine, till I can get prottick from the law, and so hold on upon the rest of my ‘spaniolas.
That bhoy, so I was tould by letter from Bombay, bully-damned 'em down to the dock, till they cudn't call their sowls their own.
From that moment the men of taste about Long Wharf and the Town Dock who were wont to show their love for the arts by frequent visits to Drowne's workshop, and admiration of his wooden images, began to be sensible of a mystery in the carver's conduct.
There was now a certainty of the ship's getting into dock the next morning but one, and this prospect afforded an obvious topic.
Salton's bailiff looking out for them on the dock, and he brought them at once to where the carriage was waiting in the street.
I went down to the Albert Dock and found that she had been taken down the river by the early tide this morning, homeward bound to Savannah.