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DOEDepartment Of Energy (US)
DOEDepartment of Education (US)
DOEDepending On Experience (jobs & classified ads)
DOEDepartment Of Ecology
DOEDesign Of Experiment
DOEDepartment of the Environment
DOEDiario Oficial de Extremadura (Extremadura, Spain)
DOEDirector of Education
DOEDirector of Engineering
DOEDepends On Experience
DOEDetermination of Eligibility
DOEDate of Entry
DOEDesignated Operational Entity
DOEDepartment of Electronics
DOEDate of Execution
DOEDiffractive Optical Elements
DOEDictionary of Old English
DOEDate of Enrollment
DOEDependant on Experience (UK)
DOEDate Of Enlistment (USAF)
DOEDate of Effect
DOEDenominación Oficial Española (Spanish: Spanish Official Designation; pharmacology)
DOEDirect Order Entry
DOEDepartment of Extension
DOEDepartment of Enforcement (securities)
DOEDate Of Entitlement
DOEDepth of Exploration
DOEDirect Operating Expense (financial management)
DOEDiabetes Outpatient Education (Rhode Island)
DOEDepartmental Operating Expense
DOEDuke of Edinburgh
DOEDiocese of El Obeid
DOEDesign of Experiences
DOEDue-Out Exists
DOEDifficulty On Exertion
DOEData Origin Level – Toll Equipment Input
DOEDedicated Outbound Extension (Sprint)
DOEDisributed Object Everywhere
DOEDividends on Equity
DOEDossier des Ouvrages Exécutés (French: Record of Works Executed; building construction)
DOEDirector of Environment (various locations)
DOEDistributed Object Environment
DOEDyspnea On Exertion
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and does not the blood of a warrior run in the veins of a young chief, who should speak aloud where his voice is now too low to be heard?
The arrow caught the doe full in the side, and in the same moment Nobs was after her.
It never occurred to me that Nobs had made the crossing at least once, possibly a greater number of times, and that he might lead me to the pass; and so it was with no idea of assistance that I appealed to him as a man alone with a dumb brute so often does.
That comes from my fool's talk," cried the archer; "for being a man of no learning myself, my tongue turns to blades and targets, even as my hand does.
I have often considered a very fine young woman of fortune and fashion, when first found strayed from the pale of her nursery, to be in pretty much the same situation with this doe.
He follows rigidly the conventions of dress and manners; but in the business of poking his nose into places where he does not belong he could give pointers to a civet cat or a jackdaw.
Possibly monsieur does poor Francois the honor to recall him--yes?
Olga will look very alluring in the filmy creation that is her night-dress, and the clinging robe which but half conceals the charms that the former does not conceal at all.
Paulvitch does not count much--he is merely a stupid, foolish little tool, and so I shall not kill him so long as I permit you to live.
DOE officials told us that the decisions underlying the policy changes in its April 2006 Notice 351.
Boeing and DOE officials have conceded that the press release didn't tell the whole truth.
Hiring The Doe Fund takes us one step closer in transforming the area into a year-round entertainment destination and stronger residential community as outlined in the Coney Island Strategic Plan," said CIDC Chairman Josh Sirefman.