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DOFFDoktoranders Och Forskarcs Forbund
DOFFDirectory Of Free Fishing (UK)
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24) In making its ruling, the court pointed out that it had "been directed to no evidence suggesting Plaintiffs are required by law, policy, or the nature of their work to don and doff their uniform or safety equipment at work.
They might decrease the interest rates in January or February 2009," said Doff.
28) The Court further held that the waiting time to doff the gear is compensable, while the waiting time to don it is not.
As it happened, the latter two films allayed our worst fears, proving that the genre had at least moved into its Dances with Wolves phase, with more than the customary doff of Hollywood's bonnet to local authenticity.
An old black nurse took ferry, trolley, bus To call on his beautiful child, now all grown-up; Grown-up too vain to doff her busyness Before his tiredness.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Full Doff Trolley Basket Material Plastic (PVC) Size Length-1020mm, Height-620mm, Width-650mm Thickness 3mm Make Nilkamal, Whiteplast, Syntex 12 No 2 Doffing Basket Material Plastic (PVC) Size Length-600mm, Height-320mm, Width-400mm Thickness 3mm Border should be belt type Weight 4.
It looks like a good old-fashioned gamble and we can only doff our cap to his confidence in The Narrow Road to the Deep North.
Those 'fit and proper' types who used to run Portsmouth would doff their caps to this bloke.
I WANT to steal Cheryl Cole's salute and doff my own imaginary cap to the singer for her nail-on-the-head hangover Tweets.
Brian Blakemore, head of the police sciences at the university, said: "This scheme means that on graduation Ben and Nick are able almost literally to doff their cap and gown and don their helmet and tunic to start their new police career.
Instead, the slitting and winding continues at an interim speed during the doff process, quickly ramping back up to full speed much quicker.
If a team whose front four are just 19, 20, 20 and 22, can make it through a European tie against anyone at all, I'll certainly doff my cap to Eddie May for his faith in youth.