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Dominant species spreading from any region might encounter still more dominant species, and then their triumphant course, or even their existence, would cease.
Thus, as it seems to me, the parallel, and, taken in a large sense, simultaneous, succession of the same forms of life throughout the world, accords well with the principle of new species having been formed by dominant species spreading widely and varying; the new species thus produced being themselves dominant owing to inheritance, and to having already had some advantage over their parents or over other species; these again spreading, varying, and producing new species.
Here they are the dominant race--we are the 'monsters'--the lower orders.
The dominant race of Pellucidar, David, have not yet learned that men converse among themselves, or reason.
Firmly narrowing upward from this wealthy but inconspicuous substratum was the compact and dominant group which the Mingotts, Newlands, Chiverses and Mansons so actively represented.
The diversion was welcome to all; the two Saltons and Sir Nathaniel were shocked at Caswall's face--so hard, so ruthless, so selfish, so dominant.
He had covered but a short distance from the forest when I beheld the first of his pursuers--a Sagoth, one of those grim and terrible gorilla-men who guard the mighty Mahars in their buried cities, faring forth from time to time upon slave-raiding or punitive expeditions against the human race of Pellucidar, of whom the dominant race of the inner world think as we think of the bison or the wild sheep of our own world.
This poem, with its Gallic brilliancy and audacity, long exercised over Chaucer's mind the same dominant influence which it possessed over most secular poets of the age.
There is much interest in the question often raised whether, if he had lived in an age like the Elizabethan, when the drama was the dominant literary form, he too would have been a dramatist.
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For each phase of the test, dominant hand, defined as the one used for writing, was tested first followed by the non-dominant hand.
Some authors have claimed that better sporting performance in batting /hitting tasks, for example, in baseball or cricket, may be associated with crossed dominance in relation to eye and hand dominance (right-hand, left-eye; left-hand, right-eye) since this allows the dominant eye to be positioned toward the bowler/pitcher and the oncoming ball.