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DORMDivision of Risk Management
DORMDirector of Revenue Management (job)
DORMDepartment of Reproductive Medicine (St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center; Phoenix, AZ)
DORMDepartment of Revenue Media
DORMDepartment of Risk Management (organization/business indemnity)
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Verizon is already providing wireless broadband connectivity at eight of the ten dormitory locations, and expects to complete the project in 2015.
The dormitory building, which blocks the view of the tomb from a distance, was damaged during an earthquake that hit the province in 2011, claiming hundreds of lives and damaging thousands of buildings.
Issyk-Kul State University's dormitory also accepts students from other schools.
The militants locked the door of one dormitory where male students were sleeping and then set it alight, slitting the throats of those who tried to climb out of windows and gunning down those who ran away, said teacher Adamu Garba.
The New School of Visual Arts dormitory will be designed with six stories on First Avenue and 14 stories in the interior lot.
Students fight for spots in the dormitory because it is inexpensive--YR10,000 (under $50) for the first year and YR7,000 (about $33) for each subsequent year--and they believe it will be a good, safe place to live.
The college intends to offer "apartment-style'' housing for students in the three-story, 29-unit brick building, as opposed to turning it into a dormitory.
Rector of al-Baath Univeristy, Ahmad Mufid Subh, said a number of residential units at the dormitory were damaged due to the terrorists' attacks, with around 3,000 out of 7,000 beds went out of service.
Police were alerted that a girls' dormitory caught fire in Budo Junior School, where children aged nine to 12 were sleeping.
Sobbing, some sifted through the ashes of the dormitory at the Buddo primary school, trying in vain to identify their daughters from charred piles of bones and skulls.
The team raised pounds 700 and the money will fund Project Nepal where 40 scouts will build a dormitory for a school in Malemchigaon, Nepal.
Harman notes that campus security departments across the nation are now looking at issues such as guard training, first response to fires, dormitory inspection, equipment testing, and false alarm investigation.