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Selected dorsoventral cranial dimensions (in mm) and proportions for first, second and third instars of Hydaticus bimarginatus (Say).
pugil resemble those of Cyclatemnus, but the curvature of the distal part of the lateral apodeme is more straight angled, the lateral lip is slimmer and the most distal part of the lip is drawn up in a dorsoventral direction.
4-mm dorsoventral measurement (DVM) was obtained at Pioneer Bay by using a larger data set that incorporated a wider size range of oysters.
Initially length (APM =AnterioPosterior Measurement) and height (DVM= DorsoVentral Measurement) of each specimen were measured to the nearest 0.
Hyperprognathic, dorsoventral shape trapezoidal anterior to well-defined cervical region (7), cervical region delimited by a deep constriction and with prominent dorsal and ventral notches penetrating the entire length of the cervical region, occipital suture present, total length 1.
After the resin hardened, the blocks containing the otoliths were sliced in half across the dorsoventral axis with a diamond saw.
Mean growth increases were recorded for the dorsoventral measurement (DVM), anteroposterior measurement (APM), shell thickness, and whole weight.
Novel roles of Fgfr2 in AER differentiation and positioning of the dorsoventral limb interface.
A comparison of first, second, and third instar crania revealed changes in dorsoventral shape during the larval stage.
A single dorsoventral cut was made in each neural arch to expose the inner portions (Fig.
Maxima, most of which were had a dorsoventral measurement (DVM) of more than 200 mm (Colgan 1993).
Dorsoventral measurement (DVM) was recorded for spat to the nearest 0.