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DoSDepartment Of State (United States)
DOSDisk Operating System
DOSDeclaration of Security
DOSDemokratska Opozicija Srbije (Democratic Opposition of Serbia; Coalition of Democratic Political Serbian Parties)
DOSDozing Off Soon
DOSDirect Operating System
DOSDreaded Orange Spots (soapmaking, indicates soap has gone rancid)
DOSDirection des Opérations de Secours
DOSDad Over Shoulder
DOSDirector Of Operations & Support
DOSDirectionally Oriented Structures
DOSDate of Sobriety (recovery programs)
DOSDenver Orchid Society
DOSDate of Seeding
DOSDeutscher Orgon Service
DoSDaemons of Shadow (gaming)
DOSDeployed Operational State
DOSDenied Originating Service
DOSDivision of Operational Safety (US Atomic Energy Commission)
DOSDropout Studios
DOSDiis Omnibus Sacrum (Latin: Sacred to All the Gods, epigraphy)
DOSDesignated Operator Service (SBC)
DOSDistrict Office Study
DOSData Overhead Switch (Nortel)
DOSDensité d'Occupation des Sols (French: Density Land Use; France and Canada)
DOSDetachable Output Stream
DOSDirector of Study/Studies
DOSDuncan's Outdoor Shop (Bay City, Michigan)
DOSDensity of States
DOSDay of Show
DOSDepartment of Space (India)
DOSDirectly Operated Stores
DOSDegree of Saturation
DOSDivisión de Organizaciones Sociales (Spanish: Division of Social Organizations; Chile)
DOSDaughter of Satan
DOSDead on Scene
DOSDistrict Open Space (Hong Kong)
DOSDirector of Sales
DOSDistribution of States
DOSDeposition On Silicon
DOSDigital Operating System
DOSDistributed Operating System
DOSDependents Overseas
DOSDate Of Separation
DOSDenial Of Service (attack)
DOSdays of supply (US DoD)
DOSDate of Service (health insurance)
DOSDivision of Safety (various locations)
DOSDepartment of Surgery
DOSDirector of Emergency Services
DOSDegree of Superiority (algorithm comparison)
DOSDistributed Object Server (Objectstream - SS7)
DOSDirector of Operations and Support
DOSDean of Students
DOSDirector of Security
DOSDepartment of Sanitation (New York City)
DOSDepartment of Statistics
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28 Further improvement in gel dosimeter, which can be easily prepared under normal levels of oxygen at room temperature, has been explored by many investigators.
These films are useful dosimeter in the dose range from 1 to 15 kGy, depending on chloral hydrate concentration.
It seems that the Cargo staff got a wrong reading or was using a faulting Dosimeter.
LEADING industrial technology specialist Tracerco, part of the Johnson Matthey group, has added to its range of award winning radiation monitors with a family of Personal Electronic Dosimeters (PEDs), providing a solution for every radiation monitoring need.
An elegant solution to assessing the long-term dosimeter response profile arose from common practices for the alanine dosimetry system that supports the NIST transfer dosimetry services.
Usability of aqueous solutions of meyhyl red as high- dose dosimeter for gamma radiation.
It says radiation levels increased as the dosimeter was lowered inside the reactor.
This reaction can be used to develop copies of transparencies as a practical classroom activity but it can also be used to develop a simple cost effective ultraviolet dosimeter.
To support an effective response after a radiological attack, a dosimeter must be affordable, durable, portable, and easy to use with minimal training.
When the dosimeter was read, it indicated that there was a dose over 40 times the allowable annual legal limit.
A personnel dosimeter is a monitoring device worn by radiologists, radiologic technologists and others to detect and measure the quantity of ionizing radiation the wearer has been exposed to over a period of time.
Routine treatment time as little as 3 min; less with undiluted albuterol; 1-2 mins for methacholine without a dosimeter.