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Then for the pitch I was on a bit of a sidehill and downslope and caught it a bit fat.
This led to the observation, echoed several times in research scholarship, that the algorithms for computing DEM slope and aspect account for many of the differences in their terrain--parameter derivatives, including downslope flow measures.
The ninth hole, for example, used to be a second-shot wedge for most of the field, but now the shorter hitters are having to fire five-irons off a downslope.
Crews were concerned that downslope winds, which can be common at night, could push the fire into the canyon, said Raquel Romero, another fire spokeswoman.
These rotational earthslides move downslope with minimal deformation along a concave failure plane.
Garcia's tee shot was almost inch perfect, but just caught a downslope on the green and his ball ran all the way back to the fringe.
It was playing downwind with the flag cut on the downslope.
A Stryker on a downslope of more than 15[degrees] may need a push from inside the vehicle to open the ramp.
I caught the downslope on 10 and ran through the green and just missed my birdie.
In one severe rainfall event, a combination of downslope controlled traffic and zero tillage resulted in less than 10 tonnes of soil loss by erosion per hectare, while neighbouring contour-farmed land lost 50-100 tonnes of soil per hectare.