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DFTDiscrete Fourier Transform
DFTDepartment for Transport (UK)
DFTDensity Functional Theory
DFTDesign For Test
DFTDry Film Thickness
DFTDrive Fitness Test
DFTDefect and Fault Tolerance
DFTDetroit Federation of Teachers
DFTDemand Flow Technology
DFTDefibrillation Threshold
DFTDistributed Function Terminal
DFTDirect Fourier Transform
DFTDiagnostic Function Test
DFTDeployment For Training
DFTDynamic Fault Tree
DFTDeal Fell Through
DFTData Flow Testing
DFTDeaerating Feed Tank
DFTDepot Field Team
DFTDevelopment Flight-Test
DFTDown Flow Tent
DFTDeaerating Feedwater Tank
DFTDiploma in Footwear Technology (India)
DFTDeep Space Network Frequency and Timing System
DFTDigital Fourier Transform/Transformation
DFTDon't Fault the Teacher
DFTDesign Flow Technology
DFTDégénérescences Fronto-Temporales (French: Frontotemporal Degeneration; neurology)
DFTDefer First Transmission
DFTDisk Fault Tolerance
DFTDraft Tax Forms (IRS)
DFTDecayed and Filled Tooth (dentistry)
DFTDiploma in Film Technology
DFTDetroit Film Theatre (Detroit Institute of Arts; Detroit, MI)
DFTDepth-First Traversal (algorithm)
DFTDémences Fronto-Temporales (French: Frontotemporal dementia)
DFTDelabre-France-Tôlerie (French sheet metal company)
DFTDuPont Fabros Technology, Inc. (Washington, DC)
DFTDiesel Fuel Treatment
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Moreover, all proceedings by the drafting body must be open to the public.
At the October 1998 meeting, a Quebec auto shredding company "sought information on the other organizations which had been contacted by the drafting group in preparing (the crushed car) section.
About 20 people served on the core drafting team, including several representatives from the lead underwriter, the underwriter's counsel, our outside counsel, our two steering-committee coordinators, the business-unit coordinators and our steering-committee attorney.
Students who previously would not have done well in drafting because they lacked the coordination and manual dexterity skills required to letter perfectly and draw lines of the same weight, no longer need to concentrate on these skills.
How would you articulate your strategy when it comes to drafting arbitration clauses for clients?
Ixio's goal is to shift lawyers' time away from the tedious tasks associated with document drafting, and back to the real "art of law" - the time invested in client counseling and in shaping, refining and tailoring the transaction itself.
Revit is so easy to learn that I've been teaching basic drafting to my son as we design the skate park together.
I-DEAS Drafting provides complete functionality for creating detailed production mechanical drawings, and uses the Dynamic Navigator(TM) style of user interaction to support ease of use.
With the obvious waste and frustration imposed on those who perform jury service, perhaps it is time to consider replacing our system of drafting jurors with a system of jurors being paid what their services are worth.
HLB Technology releases 1,000s' of Drafting Fonts for CAD.
All that was left was for the rebuilding Chicago Bulls to do the rest, drafting Brand with the first selection in Wednesday's draft.
DRAFT-PAK 97 offers feature-rich enhancements in solid modeling and detail drafting to accelerate routine design and drafting operations for mechanical Computer-Aided Design (CAD).