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DragDragon (Runescape gaming)
DragDinitrogenase Reductase-Activating Glycohydrolase
DragDisability Rights Association of Goa (India)
DragDevaux's Removed Activity Gauge (project management)
DragDoctrinal Review and Approval Group (US Army, TRADOC)
DragDigital Resources Advisory Group (Florida International University; Miami, FL)
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She pulls on that chain, and so drags herself up the river or down it.
I says to myself, they'll follow the track of that sack- ful of rocks to the shore and then drag the river for me.
Pardon, Monseigneur; he swung by the chain of the shoe--the drag.
But she thought that I did not answer her because I was angry, and about to drag her to this unknown chief, and implored me the more even with tears.
Now, here, my brother," said Nada, pointing at me with her finger, "here is that old umfagozan, that low fellow, who, unless I dream, but a very little while ago brought shame upon me--ay, my brother, he struck me, a maid, with his kerrie, and that only because I said that I would stab him for his insolence, and he did worse: he swore that he would drag me to some old chief of his to be a gift to him, and this he was about to do, had you not come.
It is based on transient DES calculations on an automatically generated hexaeder dominated grid for the prediction of drag and lift using the OpenFOAM framework.
The study estimates that the percentage of specialty drag costs incurred under the pharmacy benefit will climb from 60% this year to 69% in 2020, mainly due to the rising number of oral oncology drags and higher inflationary trends for specialty medicines dispensed by pharmacies.
Both vehicles experience reduced drag forces due to the platoon [5].
Still hunting for America's Next Drag Superstar, the first ever drag supermodel promises series seven will "blow your socks off ", but notes that part of the reality show's charm is how "young people can see that there is more than one way to go about your life".
Gay Liberation Front planned to hold London's first official Pride march, half a dozen radical drag activists took it upon themselves to run a dress rehearsal.
Taking a break from wowing audiences with its summer show, Boulevard hosted the second Dragged Through The Generations fundraiser, uniting faces from the North East drag circuit's past and present.
The most dependable fly reel drag material in my opinion is not real sexy.