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I see explanation is necessary before I can tell you of the substance of my dreams.
Chaka the king is now a Doctor of Dreams, and to clear away such a dream as this he has a purging medicine.
I've had dreams enough all night -- with that patch-eyed Spanish devil going for me all through 'em -- rot him
She had a curiously vivid dream that night, and before she had left the son of her old mistress many hours.
The call of the brook came up through the woods from the valley of birches with all its old allurement; the mellow air was full of the purr of the sea; beyond were fields rimmed by fences bleached silvery gray in the suns of many summers, and long hills scarfed with the shadows of autumnal clouds; with the blowing of the west wind old dreams returned.
This year the dream will come true, the ship come home.
If it wasn't for our dreams they might as well bury us.
Like other girls she had her dreams of a possible Prince Charming, young and handsome and debonair.
My first thought was, "Well, what an astonishing dream I've had
He was part of my dream, of course--but then I was part of his dream, too
Is all that we see or seem But a dream within a dream?
But now White Logic willy-nilly wakes them for me, for White Logic, most valiant, is unafraid of all the monsters of the earthly dream.