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DREGSDenver Region Exploration Geologists' Society
DREGSDiamond Ring Earth Game Series (interactivity analysis model tool depicting a baseball game)
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Where ye are, there must always be dregs at hand, and much that is spongy, hollow, and compressed: it wanteth to have freedom.
Nevertheless, all was over for the poor cardinal, and he was obliged to quaff to the dregs the bitter cup of being in such bad company.
Here is that mob, the dregs of the people," he thought as he gazed at the crowd: "this rabble they have roused by their folly
No time for words now; time for deeds; and with one of her lightning movements Tink got between his lips and the draught, and drained it to the dregs.
They sank lower and lower into the muddy abyss, back into the dregs of the raw beginnings of life, striving blindly and chemically, as atoms strive, as the star-dust if the heavens strives, colliding, recoiling, and colliding again and eternally again.
He did not dare venture away from the gods, for now the fangs of all dogs were against him, and he tasted to the dregs the persecution that had been White Fang's.
Some dregs of humanity robbed them from my car this morning.
Padraig Dwyer, who is defending Tallaght man Frank Donaghy, put it to the advisor she was contemptuous of the protesters and this was her motive in using the word dregs.
2007) o dregs, por ser composto de carbonatos e sulfatos, teores de Ca, Mg, Na, K, alguns micronutrientes e pH de aproximadamente 10,7, pode ser usado na correcao da acidez de solos agricolas e tambem como fonte de calcio e alguns micronutrientes para as plantas.
If you love vintage then Dregs of Society is a haven to indulge your passion.
After college Mast started Audio Dregs Records with his brother and recorded and produced his ambient debut Parking Lot Music in 2001 under his DJ name E*Vax.
When he was 12, to support his family, he got a job working for a company that bottled beer, where he got into the habit of drinking the dregs from the bottom of returned bottles.