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DRUIDDanish Research Unit for Industrial Dynamics
DRUIDDriving Under the Influence of Drugs, Alcohol and Medicines (EU research; Bergisch, Germany)
DRUIDDemonstrational Rapid User Interface Development
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The successful financial restructuring of the business with the provision of specific capital to undertake the Druid drilling operations, together with the substantially lower costs, has allowed the Druid Partners to move forward with the planned drilling operations.
I was at a loss for how to adequately describe certain key elements of Druid ceremonies, such as calling down the gods and goddesses into ritual circles.
The move comes thousands of years after the first druids worshipped in Britain.
Were the Druids devotees of divine nature, worshipping in sacred oak groves, or barbaric priests of a bloody religion, stuffing humans into a gigantic 'Wicker Man' and burning them alive?
Druid Connor took the threats so seriously he called for Garda protection for the ceremony on Friday to mark the shortest day.
In fact, it was a spokesperson for the Birmingham Diocese alone whom your reporter approached and, having seen his comments, it is quite clear that it was the bands' request he condemned, not the Druid Rite.
Druid also increased its Asia Pacific revenue, reported at 2.
Hynes, Mick Lally and Marie Mullen (who won the Tony for best actress in a play this year for her performance in "Beauty Queen") founded Druid in 1975; astonishingly, it was Ireland's first professional theater company outside of Dublin.
There are about 10,000 practising druids in Britain with druid orders being spread around the country.
No druids were interviewed, and no druid asked for 'somewhere to fornicate, please'.