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DUNCEDial up Networking Connection Enhancement
DUNCEDial-Up Networking Connection Enhancement (program)
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Just after half-way Beattie made a move to the front and while Dunce dug deep to stay in contention, the Morpeth teenager proved too strong and eventually pulled away to win in exactly 15 minutes.
DUNCE also wants to form a barricade of tractors outside the town hall, a plan of action I urged against on the grounds that parishioners may get fined or even imprisoned.
But like the student with a dunce cap, Peirce was ostracized by academia, and died in poverty.
The Dunce Cap icon--This warns viewers about stupid new gimmicks, like ABC's latest format, which forces Peter Jennings to sit on a twirling bar stool for a goodly portion of the broadcast so he looks like Jack Paar.
But like our opportunity to make diversity work for all of us we can collectively work to shed our dunce caps as well the welfare of the public requiring it.
The basis of the satire, which represents Shadwell as a literary dunce, is the disagreement between him and Dryden over the quality of Ben Jonson's wit.
As of March 20, the man behind the word dunce is now officially a "blessed" of the church.
Still, it was Morgan who nudged the movement into motion by molding the peculiar system of nomenclature that led to what one researcher calls "one of the richest sources of ridiculous names in the world" -- names like dunce, tricky dick and technical knockout.
none of Augustine's colleagues have yet been frog-marched through the streets in dunce caps to be jeered at by the populace.
1728; revised 1729, 1742, 1743) The " dunce - epic, " a satire in heroic couplets by Alexander Pope.
Bush sitting in the corner wearing a dunce cap, beneath the coverline "Is Bush the Worst President in History?
Last week's Heaton Memorial 10k winner Marc Fenwick was among the chasing pack, together with his Tyne Bridge team-mate James Dunce, the promoting club's Chris Steele, Keswick's Sam Stead, Marc Brown (Salford) and Trafford's James Bowness.