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DURNDermatologie, Urologie, Rheumatologie, Nephrologie (German: Dermatology, Urology, Rheumatology, Nephrology; hospital department)
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Richard Durn, aged 33, committed suicide, say police, while in custody.
To his mother, Durn wrote: "Mama, I should die at least with the feeling of being free and getting a kick out of it.
Effective today, the company appointed Daniel Durn as Chief Financial Officer; Gregg Bartlett as Chief Technology Officer; and KC Ang as head of Customer Engineering and Quality while retaining his responsibility for Fab 8 in New York.
Jobless Durn, an ecology and Third World activist, sat through a six hour council meeting at Nanterre in north west Paris before calmly opening fire at 1.
DEATH PLUNGE: Mass murderer Richard Durn's body lies in a courtyard yesterday at the police headquarters in Paris where he was being questioned; PROBE: Window which Durn, right, went through is ringed; Picture: REUTERS
Mrs Durn described her son as a depressed and troubled man who was in and out of psychiatric care for more than a decade.
Durn had a history of mental problems and often spoke about suicide.
Durn used two automatic pistols and a revolver, and about 50 shells were scattered on the floor of the meeting room after the attack.
Durn, 33, shot eight councillors dead and wounded 19 in the north-west suburb of Nanterre on Wednesday.
However, Durn continued to visit a club for target practice.
Police arrested the suspect, 33-year-old local man Richard Durn, who often attended council meetings.