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These were easily accessible by means of a line, which, passing over the ridge-pole, had one end attached to a bundle, while with the other, which led to the side of the dwelling and was there secured, the package could be lowered or elevated at pleasure.
Thus much for the house, and its appurtenances; and it will be readily acknowledged that a more commodious and appropriate dwelling for the climate and the people could not possibly be devised.
M Rajah, discharge of conditions 6 (drainage scheme) for previous permission 2017/91540 for outline application for construction of 3 dwellings, Land adj, 55, Norfolk Street, Batley.
He added that in 15 per cent of the dwelling fires attended, there was no working smoke alarm.
2 is dependent on the dwelling floor area and the number of occupants, as shown in
Walter Custom Homes, 2032 Sterling Park Pl; New Single Family Dwelling With Attached Garage; $348,077.
Maggie Hassan signed in March, added three new sections to state law and removed the ability of municipalities to regulate accessory dwelling units as an "innovative land use control" under another statute.
Additional single storey extension to rear of dwellings on new site numbers 62 to 72 inclusive (house type D).
He pointed out that all the available sampling methods for collection of ground dwelling predators have some drawback.
Ref: 14/2757/FUL Address: Land at the Grange, Wells Cottages and land east of Manor House, Egglescliffe Proposal: Change of use application to convert two barns into dwellings, construction of two dwellings and farm road.
The procedure of privatization of dwellings has been approved in Turkmenistan.