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DYEDye (Amtrak station code; Dye, IN)
DYEDamn Your Eyes
DYEDiocesan Youth Event
DYEDave Youngblood Enterprises (paintball barrels maker)
DYEDorchester Youth Extra (UK)
DYEDynamic Youth Enterprise (Ethiopia)
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8 min, which spectrally corresponds to the standard red dye and that from single moth (Figs.
He noted turmeric, safflower, the kusum flower, polas (fivndosa mushroom) and lobbongo (clove) among the local dye plants.
The dyes present in water not only affect the aquatic life, but also affect drastically the health of terrestrial animals, human beings and birds living on dye contaminated water [6].
This type of dye pad is enjoying a market share in excess of 80% in CPB dyeing.
Removal of residual dye from aqueous pollutants by the adsorption process has been a topic of interest for past several years (Ofomaja and Ho, 2008).
This will give the yarn and mordant solution time to cool down enough so you can wring out the fiber for the next step: the dye bath.
Keywords: Natural dye, Bistorta amplexicaule, Fabric, Antibacterial.
The liquid leather dyes are NMP-free and are usually concentrated anionic dye solutions.
Experimental results suggested that for in situ application of dichlorotriazine dye and sulphatoethyl sulphones agents, temperature of dye bath should beat70 [degree]C, and pH should be 6.
She envisions plants capable of producing a spectrum of colors, including gypsywort (which makes black dye on wool and silk), wild mustard (yellow), double-flowered yellow flag iris (blackish green), bedstraw (red dye from roots, yellow from flowers), dyer's woad (blue), Japanese indigo (blue) madder root (red), and marigold (yellows and oranges).
0, temperature 30C, light conditions of 16 h, when inoculum size of 1 mL/10 mL was maintained and dye solution was supplemented with 5 g L-1 N and 5 g L-1 P as co- substrates.
Based on application, the global dye sensitized cell market is segmented into six categories: building-integrated photovoltaics, indoor application, retail application, emergency power and military application, automotive, and others.