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You can't have the best-of-breed hybrid and electric vehicles without dysprosium and without permanent magnets," McKenzie says.
To date the company has separated dysprosium from the resins remaining from past production runs, yielding 50kg of dysprosium oxides ahead of target as outlined in the Company's press release dated June 12, 2012.
According to Ucore's website, "the Bokan property is particularly enriched with heavy rare earth elements, including the critical elements dysprosium, terbium, and yttrium.
Specifically on dysprosium, I estimate at least 400 years worth of Japan's current consumption is in the deposits," Agence-France Presse reported Kato as saying.
com, commented today on reports indicating that China plans to establish a Heavy Rare Earths stockpile for Yttrium, Dysprosium, Terbium and Europium.
Japan accounts for a third of global demand and has been looking to diversify its supply sources, particularly of heavy rare earths such as dysprosium used in magnets.
This agreement with Accenture will ensure we are positioned to become the next dysprosium producer of significance.
China produces a vast quantity of two primarily important rare earth minerals required to produce, dysprosium (production share of 99%) and neodymium (production share of 95%).
Rare earth elements, with cumbersome names such as yttrium, europium, cerium, dysprosium, and others, are used by industry to manufacture items featured on hybrid vehicles, from the LCD screen to the motor and generator.
The prospect is rich in the critical rare earths Dysprosium (averaging 7.
With regard to Nd-based high-performance magnets for automotive applications, it is necessary to add dysprosium (Dy) to ensure high magnetic force at high temperatures.
32] dysprosium, oxygen, phosphorus, uranium, radium, iodine, selenium