e-NOSEndothelial Isoform of Nitric Oxide Synthase
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Endothelial dysfunction was related to the hs-CRP and e-NOS levels in MetS patients ( z = 2.
The e-NOS level was also paradoxically high which contrasts with the general knowledge.
The results of this study supported this finding and the OSI, hs-CRP, and e-NOS levels were related to an abnormal FMD response in MetS patients.
The current study demonstrated that the e-NOS levels were paradoxically increased in patients with MetS, which is supported by the results of some previous studies.
e-NOS expression is downregulated during liver reperfusion as a result of inhibition of e-NOS activity by oxidative stress and absence of flow within the sinusoids during ischemia [104].
Therefore, the protective effect of IPostC in liver IR injury could similarly be related to the enhanced level of expression of e-NOS and i-NOS, which in turn increase endogenous NO production [45, 83].
Regarding PI3K-Akt, Akt is important in the activation of e-NOS-mediated NO production and NO production following Akt-mediated e-NOS activation has been shown to convey cardioprotection [126].
X], and e-NOS expression improved hepatic morphology (v) [up arrow]NO and i-NOS and e-NOS expression Zhang et al.
Meanwhile, continuous expression of n-NOS with suppression of i-NOS and e-NOS may be an important step in the recurrence process of pterygia.
Orneklerdeki n-NOS, e-NOS ve i-NOS dagilimlari immunperoksidaz yontemi ile degerlendirildi.
Ayrica, cerrahiden sonraki pteryjiumun tekrarlama surecinde n-NOS ekspresyonu surer iken, i-NOS ve e-NOS ekspresyonunun baskilanmasinm tekrarlama surecinde onemli basamaklar olabilecegini dusundurtmektedir.
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