EVBErklärung von Bern (German: Berne Declaration; Switzerland)
eVBEmbedded Visual Basic (AppForge, Inc.)
EVBEvaluation Board
EVBExtreme Vehicle Builders (Brewster, NY)
EVBElectron Tunneling from Valence Band
EVBEnterprise View B
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The EVB system can be powered via the single micro-USB cable from either a PC USB port or via a DC adapter included in the kit, with further options for connecting to an external battery or power supply.
The successful performances earned EVB club team a second-round bronze medal position and a points place into the second division of the league finals which are to be held in May.
03 (a) Di is diluents; St is styrene; DVB is divinylhenzene isomers; and EVB is ethylvinylbenzene isomers that were impurities in the DVB.
Following the merger of Virginia Company Bank with and into EVB, with EVB as the surviving bank, EVB has added offices in Williamsburg, Newport News and Hampton, Virginia, for a total of 24 full service branches.
City of Birmingham's assistance has catapulted EVB Bellgarde out of the eighth division into the third division and sent them through to the National League finals, which are to take place over the weekend of May 16-18 in Boug-en-Bresse, 43 miles north-east of Lyon.
As previously announced, the company and EVB have received all regulatory approvals to proceed with the company's acquisition of VCB and the merger of VCB with and into EVB with EVB surviving.
This consolidation also provides operational efficiencies, enabling EVB to derive costs savings while offering its traditional outstanding service quality in a more centralized location of King William County.
Joe Shearin, President and CEO of the Company and EVB, stated, "We are pleased to have Mr.
FAM received two awards on behalf of EVB from the Service Industry Advertising Awards including one gold award and five awards from the Virginia Bankers Association including the prestigious Best in Show award.
Following completion of the Partial Redemption, the capital ratios of the Company and EVB continue to exceed regulatory capital standards to be categorized as well-capitalized.
the "Company") (Nasdaq symbol: EVBS, the bank holding company for EVB), announced today the Company and First Capital Bancorp, Inc.
18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Independent advertising agency EVB today announced plans to move its headquarters from San Francisco to Oakland in early 2015.